Women’s sex lingerie new style

Women’s sex lingerie new style

1. Sexy black sexy lingerie

Black color sex lingerie is a classic that will never be outdated, and this year’s sexy black sexy underwear design highlights the feminine lines of women, combining the elements of lace and gauze, showing the advantages of perfect figure.It is recommended to choose the design of the chest covered, while holding the chest, it is more sexy.

2. Lace embroidery erotic lingerie

Embroidery lace is one of the hottest elements of this season. This material is usually embroidered on a thin transparent gauze net to create delicate and gorgeous women’s textures. At the same timecharming.

3. Artificial Silk Sexy Lingerie

Artificial silk is a very soft and light fabric. With its gorgeous and smooth face, it is often used in women’s underwear design.This year’s artificial silk -quality sexy underwear design combines the simplicity of women, making the whole shape more atmospheric, and also highlights the sexy advantage.

4. Fund special style sexy underwear

Comparing the alternative design scheme is to directly reflect the animal, plant and other elements in sexy underwear. For example, this kind of flocculent underwear decorated with fluff not only maintains the sexy and comfortable of the underwear, but also incorporates the cute and vibrant elements.EssenceThe soft texture does not affect the comfort.

5. Retro Flower Interesting Lingerie

Flower cloth is one of the very popular elements in sexy underwear. This season’s retro flower sexy underwear design maintains the elements of flowers, but innovation in color and color matching makes the elements of the flower more soft and retro, highlighting womenElegant sense.

6. Silk high waist panties

Underpants are a very important part. You can also choose to use softer and more comfortable fabrics, such as high -end silk fabrics. At the same time, high waist design can better reflect the wonderful curve of women and show the slenderness of the waist.

7. Small bra design

In addition to being more convenient to carry, the small bra is also more cute and cute. While sexy, it highlights the playful style of women.

8. Girls’ corset underwear suits

Girls’ corsets are one of the favorite styles of girls. This year’s girl corset underwear suit design pays more attention to comfort. At the same time, it is dominated by sweet and cute elements to increase the daily dressing level of girls.

9. Retro metal ring sexy underwear

Metal is a very dazzling element, and the metal ring design added in the design of sexy underwear is more likely to stimulate the excited nerves, increase the sexy level of the entire underwear, and also make people feel the retro and future style.

10. Night heard sexy underwear

Yewen sexy underwear is one of the popular styles this year. It is characterized by the feeling of transmitting natural aroma to the body, making the whole body more relaxed, and at the same time, it also makes people feel the exotic style.

In short, this year’s new design of women’s sexy underwear pays more attention to details and comfort, while not forgetting to increase stimuli and sexy, making women more confident and charming.

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