Women’s sex lingerie 2018 new model

Introduction to women’s sex lingerie

Women’s sexy underwear is a special underwear that can stimulate women’s sexy, charm and sexual interest. It can make women more expressive and attractive.In 2018, women’s erotic underwear ushered in a new wave of popularity. This article will introduce the latest women’s sexy underwear to let you understand the latest trend.

Sexy Lingerie

In 2018, sexy underwear uses more tulle materials, less design, more simple but elegant, and more durable facilities. At the same time, it will not be easy to deform and not sag.

Hollow underwear

The random cut -out underwear looks a bit special and sexy. The popular styles include star -shaped and heart -shaped hollowing out. The breathable effect is very good, which makes the skin breathable and comfortable in a good airflow environment.

Mesh underwear

The sexy underwear made of yarn such as grids can easily stimulate female sexy charm, and can also blend well with the skin to achieve tight effects. In addition to very sexy, it also highlights the beautiful lines of women’s figureEssence

Lace underwear

Women like lace underwear, and this lace lace underwear is no exception this year.The difference is that this year’s design will pay more attention to the integration of simplicity and aesthetics, optimizing and improving the texture of lace lace make it more agile and more in line with women’s needs.

Silk underwear

Silk is a higher -quality underwear material. This year’s silk underwear style focuses on details, taking into account beauty and comfort. Silk underwear is more suitable for women who yearn for high -grade underwear.

Perspective underwear

Perspective underwear is constantly welcomed by women.Compared with 2017, this year’s see -through underwear material choices higher quality, more classic versions, so that women can highlight beautiful figure lines while seeking perspective.

Binding underwear

Resting underwear is usually a more popular underwear style. The current restraint of underwear is healthier and beautiful, making women’s body lines more beautiful, and using more suitable and comfortable materials to make women more comfortable, freedom and full when wearing wearingvitality.

Mini underwear

This year’s mini -style underwear is more rich in color and more special in design. It is richer and diverse in style. It emphasizes small and exquisite, simple and elegant, charming and charming temperament.

Emotional underwear

The style of mood underwear is very popular this year. Most styles adopt a neutral style, healthy and environmentally friendly material combination, perfectly fit the skin, comfortable and breathable, and more suitable for women who love healthy personality as their first choice for their underwear.


No matter what style of sexy underwear women like, the trend of underwear in 2018 is simple, iconic and beautiful, comfortable, comfortable, and other types of underwear styles.Women can choose to wear healthy and elegant sexy underwear that suits them to show women’s beauty and charm.

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