Wife hidden in the hidden place of sexy underwear

Wife hidden in the hidden place of sexy underwear

For a pair of lovers, the word sex underwear is no longer unfamiliar. It can not only create more exciting fun in bed, but also improve the tacit understanding of emotions.However, when you find that your wife is hiding in sexy underwear, do you quietly go around, or try to understand her needs?Next, let’s talk about my wife’s hidden places to hide sex underwear.

1. The reason why my wife hides sexy underwear

As a husband, you must have the opportunity to open your wife’s drawer cabinet, but it seems that she has never seen her sexy underwear.Among them, the most common reason is that the wife thinks this is a private item and is unwilling to be discovered.In addition, it is likely that she doesn’t want you to appreciate this beautiful costume, so I don’t want you to see it.

2. Types and styles of sexy underwear

Interest underwear can be described as many styles, novel shapes, and can better meet the needs of different ethnic groups.For example, the corset with gathered cleavage makes the chest more plump and elastic; there are lustful corsets to make the figure more sexy and charming; there are all kinds of underwear such as stockings, slings, lace edges, etc.

3. Sexy underwear that makes his wife’s heart move

For the sexy underwear hidden by my wife, you can try to make her heart and enhance her sex.You can start from the aspects of size, color, style, etc., and choose the sexy underwear that is most suitable for her according to her preference.Of course, if you want her to support you more in the case of more targeted trust, you can also consult a professional sexy underwear designer opinion to recommend a lingerie suitable for her.

4. Test the timing of sexy underwear

When you decide to choose a sexy underwear for your wife, you must seize the opportunity to try on.Under normal circumstances, relaxing the night is more suitable.At this time, you can let your wife slowly adapt to the new body feel and appearance according to their own rhythm.

5. Choose love underwear with your wife

If you want your wife to be completely satisfied, then buying sexy underwear with her is a good choice.In this way, she can choose the underwear that suits her according to her preferences, and you can better understand her needs for underwear.

6. The skills to wear sexy underwear for your wife

It is a detailed and important technique to put a sexy underwear for his wife.Based on the style and characteristics of the underwear, let my wife have a good experience.For example, the corset should be worn, and the neckline should be posted so that the best visual effect can be achieved.

7. Maintenance of sexy underwear

As a special clothing, sexy underwear requires special maintenance methods.For example, the soft agent cannot be used, so as not to cause damage to the material.

8. The meaning of his wife’s sexy underwear

My wife’s collection of sexy underwear shows her confidence in her body, but also shows her love and romantic feelings for life.At the same time, it also reflects her trust and affection for the relationship between you and them.


When buying sexy underwear, for your husband, do not try to choose according to your imagination, you need to respect and pay attention to your wife’s preferences.In fact, if you can integrate into her thoughts and let her feel your understanding of her inner world, then the relationship between the two sides will be better and sexual life will be more satisfied.

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