Why is it boring in erotic underwear

Why is it boring in erotic underwear

In recent years, sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention from women, and various styles and styles have emerged endlessly.However, many women do not feel passionate and sexy as they think after wearing sexy underwear.So why is sexy underwear boring?Let’s take a look at the reason from several aspects.

Not suitable for your figure

The first reason is that sexy underwear is not suitable for your body.Women’s body varies from person to person. Different figures need different underwear styles to set off their body advantages.If you choose a sexy underwear that is not suitable for your body, you may weaken or even cover your advantages, but make you feel boring.

Don’t understand your needs

The second reason is that women do not understand their needs.Sometimes women blindly follow the trend or obey others’ suggestions, and ignore their needs.For example, if a woman wearing a B -cup, if you blindly pursue the sexy underwear of the D cup, then it is not appropriate, and you will not feel comfortable to wear. In this case, it will not feel fun.

The quality is not good enough

The third reason is that the quality of sex underwear is not good enough.Good erotic underwear should be soft and comfortable, and has certain elasticity, but if the quality of the sexy underwear is not good enough, it will not only cause some harm to the body, so naturally it will not feel fun and interesting.

The design is not fashionable enough

The fourth reason is that the design of sex underwear is not fashionable enough.With the change of the times, women’s aesthetics are also changing. This requires the design of sexy underwear to keep up with the fashion trend so that they can truly attract women’s attention.If the design does not keep up with the trend, it may make women feel boring and tasteless.

The material is too single

The fifth reason is that the material of sex underwear is too single.If you only buy some sexy underwear with the same material, you will naturally feel monotonous and boring for a long time, without freshness.Therefore, women should choose sexy underwear of different materials, which can pursue sexy and novelty.

Do not meet your identity and occasion

The sixth reason is that sexy underwear does not meet the identity and occasions.Women will have different needs on different occasions and identities. For example, the needs of office workers are biased towards comfortable types, and they need to be sexy when they meet.If you blindly pursue sexuality without considering your identity and occasion, you may cause embarrassment and discomfort.

Color monotonous

The seventh reason is that the color of the sex underwear is too monotonous.Women’s preference for color is different. Some women like dark colors, while some women like light colors.If the color of the sexy underwear is too monotonous, it may not be able to meet the individual needs of different women, and it is easy to become boring in long -term wear.

Psychological state

The last reason is that women’s mental state is not good.Many times, the dressing effect of sexy underwear depends on personal psychological state.If women are in a bad mood, it is difficult to make people feel fun in sexy underwear, and may even play a counter -effect.Therefore, women need to maintain a good mentality in order to feel the charm of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

In short, why the problem of interesting underwear is not complicated.Many times, it is just because women do not fully consider their body needs, aesthetics, and psychological state when choosing and wearing sexy underwear.Only under these factors can we truly feel the charm of sexy underwear and make themselves happy and satisfied in it.

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