What year is the sexy underwear

The origin of sexy underwear

Sexual underwear seems to be a new concept, but in fact its origin can be traced back to the end of the 19th century.At that time, women began to break away from the traditional thinking of restraint and began to test some new things in underwear, such as more comfortable fabrics and shoulder pads to get rid of the long -established but less comfortable restraint underwear.

The development of sexy underwear

From the beginning of the 20th century to the 1960s, underwear has been regarded as practical functional, until the temperament and sexy, that is, the natural boom, began to rise in the late 1960s.With the arrival of the sexual revolution, women’s aesthetics dare to challenge tradition, and the transformation of underwear concepts is even more obvious.And sexy underwear has also emerged.

Sexy underwear’s self -confidence in women

The emergence of sexy underwear is not only to meet the visual needs of men for women, but also to make women more confidently face themselves and their bodies.It allows women to better understand their body lines, emphasize the disclosure of the body’s disclosure and sexy, thereby enhancing women’s self -confidence and self -esteem.

The difference between sexy underwear and sex products

Although sexy underwear is similar to sex products, there are still some differences between them.Sex underwear pays more attention to the performance of visual effects and sexy beauty; and sex products pay more attention to convenient shape, functionality and erotic stimulation.Although there are no obvious regulations between the two, the effect of sexy underwear to achieve is more to show the beauty of women, and the sex products are more fancy and diverse.

Where can I wear sexy underwear

The merger of sexy underwear is not limited to the use on the bed.It can be a daily costume, such as when you attend a party or dinner, the sexy underwear that has been worn can allow you to receive the attention of everyone.Just pay attention to the appropriateness of the display and maintain a generosity.


For the material requirements of sexy underwear, the first requires good breathability and satisfaction; secondly, it must be elastic, so that it can be close to the human body and show a beautiful body curve.Moreover, it is best to tear the material that allows naked more body parts to create more interests.

Sex underwear style types

The types of sexy underwear are very diverse, including mini skirt uniforms, lace dresses, sexy tight conjoosent clothes, tulle on the chest, T-BACK open panties, and various bra.Each type attracts different people, and there are even designers and brands specializing in enthusiasts.

The main points of sexy underwear selection

The main point of choosing sexy underwear is to pay attention to comfort and physical compliance.If you choose a transparent sexy underwear, pay attention to the pairing pair, do not lose the demeanor; you need to look simple and clear if you choose too complex style, do not add burden.

Skills of sexy underwear

The correct erotic underwear can make you different.If it is paired with a transparent bra, you can add a lace jacket, and at the same time, the pants can be used to use high waist.Of course, this is also designed to design the matching method according to the characteristics of different people.

Future development of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is to meet the product of human needs. I personally think that its future is full of infinite possibilities. It not only has an improvement of the appearance and comfort, but also the improvement of product creativity.If you can combine health with interest, the future development of sexy underwear will be very unique and seductive.

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