What posture do we wear in sex lingerie

What posture does we wear underwear?

Sex underwear is no longer just a night accessories. Now more and more women are wearing sexy underwear in daily life to increase self -confidence and charm.Different types of erotic underwear require different posture. This article will introduce the correct posture when wearing different types of sexy underwear.

Milk sticker

If you go out to wear a sexy underwear, milk stickers are the most convenient choice.When you wear a towel or wet cloth, clean the chest around the chest, then paste the milk in a suitable position, and gently press the paste to ensure that it is fitted with the chest.After posting, you need to keep standing straight to avoid unnecessary pressure.


The bra is a common underwear for women. Incorrectly wearing postures can cause chest atrophy or deformation.When you wear it, adjust the shoulder strap of the bra to a position that suits you to ensure that the nipple is in the center of the cup.If the adjustable shoulder straps still cannot meet the needs, you can consider changing the bras or brands.

T -shirt bra

T -shirts are usually made of silk or cotton fabrics. You can match some comfortable and loose clothes when wearing.When wearing a T -shirt chest, the design of the bra needs to be corresponding to the clothes, and the color needs to be coordinated to avoid abrupt visual effects.

Dressing bra

When wearing a dress, try to use a style without strap to so that there are no shoulder straps around the skirt.If you need a shoulder strap, you should choose a bran -width of the bras to ensure the comfort of the shoulder.

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy underwear is divided into two types: tulle underwear and lace underwear.Both types of underwear need to choose suitable sizes when wearing to ensure the coordination of underwear and skin tone.Telle underwear needs to ensure that it is not wearing underwear; lace underwear needs to be matched with the coat to fully reflect its sexy charm.

Dance underwear

Dance underwear has the characteristics of high elasticity, breathing, and imperceptible. When wearing, make sure that it is completely wrapped in the breast and has no wrinkles or grooves on the surface after wearing.It should be noted that you cannot be excessively distorted when wearing dance underwear to avoid damage to the chest.


Stockings are an important part of increasing charm. When wearing stockings, you need to choose the right color and size.Be careful to prevent hook stockings when you wear, especially when wearing high heels and walking.


When wearing suspenders, put your legs on the cocoon wheel, and then tie the strap to the leg.Put the strap on the root of the thigh when tied to ensure comfort and sexy.It should be noted that when choosing the color, it should be coordinated with the shoes.

in conclusion

Wearing different types of erotic underwear requires different wear postures.The correct method of dressing can make women’s body best, increase charm and self -confidence.Female friends can carefully consider the size, color, and styles according to their needs to create the best dressing effect.

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