Suqian Fairy Lepato Shop Address Telephone

Suqian Fairy Lepato Shop Address Telephone

Suqian Fairy Lepato Shop Address Telephone

With the improvement of sexual openness in modern society, sexual culture has become more and more fashionable, and the threshold of sexy lingerie stores is getting lower and lower.Those who are interested in sexy underwear want to know the address and telephone number of Suqian’s sexy underwear shop.This article will introduce the location, advantages and disadvantages of the sexy underwear store in Suqian City, and provide relevant addresses and telephone information.

Store address and telephone number

Going to the sex underwear store, of course, you need to master the correct store address and telephone number.In Suqian City, there are many sexy underwear stores, and the price and quality are different.Here are some excellent addresses and contact numbers of sexy underwear shops:

1. Ziyue Intellectual Underwear Store: Address 😕 Shop 6-9, Building 6, No. 6, Building 6, Guxiu Garden, Sucheng District, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, Tel: 0527-85621080.

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2. Liangyi Fun Fairy Underwear Store: Address 😕 No. 68 Longgong Road, Dongguan Street, Sucheng District, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, Tel: 0527-89978898.

3. Porcelain Bai’an physical sex shop: Address: Su Yu Town? 39? 39? (? Oriental Pearl Market? East District Gate 100? North? North?), Tel: 133 8286 8333.

advantage analysis

Every merchant has its own characteristics in the sexy underwear store in Suqian City.From the aspects of product quality, price, after -sales service, etc., there are the following advantages in the sexy underwear store in Suqian:

1. Product quality: The products of the sexy underwear store in Suqian City have high quality. The product design of each merchant is unique, basically boutique, and there are many new products or special products.

2. Price: The sexy underwear merchants with strong competitiveness on the market have adopted market research and price adjustment strategies, gained a good reputation, and the price is very affordable.

3. After -sales service: Suqian’s sexy underwear store is also very thoughtful in after -sales service. In most cases, merchants can provide services such as psychological counseling and health guidance.

Disadvantaged analysis

Although Suqian’s sex underwear store has advantages in product quality, price and after -sales service, it has the following shortcomings:

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1. Language communication: The spoken expression ability of the service staff of the sexy underwear store in Suqian City is weak, and there may be poor communication, which is difficult to make customers get a good service experience.

2. The quality of purchase cannot keep up with the market: Due to market competition, there is a lack of warehousing and buying goods in the quotation lingerie store in Suqian.

3. The overall demand market is narrowed: Although the early stage of the market is relatively hot, as the overall demand is reduced, the customer source of the sex underwear store in Suqian City is decreasing.


Suqian’s sexy underwear store can take the following suggestions to improve the shortcomings, further improve service quality, and enhance the brand image:

1. Strengthen the training of serving personnel’s oral expression and enhance their professional literacy and service capabilities.

2. Check the quality of the product regularly, carefully supervise the supply of supply, and ensure the quality of the source.

3. Increase marketing and promotion, re -position the overall market, and expand the target customer group.


The product types and quality of Suqian’s sexy underwear stores are different. Finally, they remind citizens to buy appropriate sexy underwear, and they must pay more attention.In addition, the geographical location and after -sales service of the store are also a key point to choose a sexy underwear shop.I hope that when choosing Suqian’s sexy underwear shop, you can choose the right store in combination with the above situation.