Stockings and sexy underwear trial

Stockings and sexy underwear trial

Stockings and sexy underwear trial

Sexy underwear and stockings are sexy equipment of modern women.When trying to penetrate, we need to understand our body and preferences well to choose the style and material that suits them best.Here are some suggestions and precautions about trying penetration.

1. Understand your figure

Before trying to penetrate sexy underwear and stockings, we need to understand which category of body and body shape, such as pear -shaped, apples, hourglass -shaped, straight -shaped, etc.Because each body needs different styles and tailored erotic underwear and stockings.

2. Select the right size

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Before trying, make sure to choose the correct size.Wearing appropriate sexy underwear and stockings will improve the overall comfort and avoid unnecessary embarrassment.If you are not sure which size you choose, you can consult a professionals or try to wear it first.

3. Understand the fabrics and materials

It is necessary to understand different fabrics and materials.Different ingredients of sexy underwear and stockings can give people different feelings and effects.For example, wool blending stockings will be more durable and more comfortable than thin silk stockings.And some fabrics and materials may be stimulated to the skin, so pay attention to personal allergies when choosing materials.

4. Consider color and style

Colors and styles play a very important role in the choice of sexy underwear and stockings.Each color and style show different emotions and atmosphere.When choosing color and style, you can choose according to the occasion and your own preferences.

5. Pay attention to the detail design of the underwear

The details of the underwear are very important.For example, cup type, shoulder strap, hook -eye position, etc.A high -quality erotic underwear should be able to support the chest. While ensuring comfort, it must also have a beautiful appearance.

6. Put it with good stockings

The combination of sexy underwear and stockings is the key to the sexy of women to the fullest.If you can choose the right style and material when choosing stockings, you can present yourself the perfect visual effect.

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7. Buy the right type

Sex underwear and stockings can be selected according to styles and types.For example, sexy models, small fresh models, retro models, sports models, etc. should be selected according to their own identities and occasions.

8. Maintain underwear and stockings

Maintenance is the key to effectively extend the life of sexy underwear and stockings.Generally, sexy underwear and stockings need to be washed by hand without using a washing machine.Use a neutral washing solution, and the water temperature is controlled at about 100 ° C. Do not use hot water or dyeing.Before washing, take off your shoulder strap or unbutton the hook to avoid underwear and stockings hook yarn to maintain your sexy underwear and stockings. They will make you beautiful and sexy.

9. Before trying on, the mentality should be correct

Before trying to wear sexy underwear and stockings, we must maintain a peaceful attitude and don’t let ourselves too nervous or shy.Trying penetration as a thing to enjoy life and challenge yourself can naturally achieve the ideal effect.

10. Focus on highlight your advantages

When trying to wear sexy underwear and stockings, you must focus on highlighting your advantages. For example, a good girl can choose a more slim -fitting sexy underwear and personal sexy stockings to highlight the curve beauty of your body.This will be easier to achieve the effect you want.

Finally, remember that the purpose of choosing sexy underwear and stockings lies in self -feelings and comfort.When you are wearing suitable sexy underwear and stockings, you will feel more confident and sexy, which is the most attractive place.