Zheng Meisi Intellectual Underwear ASMR Online


In recent years, with the continuous development of the market, sexy underwear has become a popular product.As one of the representatives of the sexy underwear brand, Zheng Meisi has unparalleled professional and innovative spirit in this field.Today, Zheng Meisi’s online sales of ASMR of Instead have become a new experience for consumers.

What is ASMR?

ASMR refers to "spontaneous head immersion", which refers to a pleasant scalp tingling and full -body relaxation under the stimulus of a soft voice or soft sound.Under normal circumstances, this sound can be low -language, light blowing, soft music, etc.


ASM is a new model of sexy underwear launched by Zheng Meisi. When you choose to buy sex underwear, you can listen to the ASMR sound of related products online to better understand the material and dressing of the underwear.

What are the benefits of ASM?

The benefits of using ASM functions are very obvious. It can provide a better purchase experience for consumers who are full of online shopping.In traditional models, consumers can only see pictures and text descriptions of underwear, and it is difficult to intuitively feel product quality and materials.The ASM function allows consumers to evaluate the quality and comfort of their products through audio.

How to use ASM function?

The use of ASM is very simple.After entering the underwear details page, the user only needs to click the "ASM" button to listen to the corresponding sound of the designated product.Users can discover new feelings and details by listening multiple times.

Which products can use ASM function?

Almost all Zheng Meisi’s sexy underwear products support ASM functions.Whether it is sexy underwear, beauty sexy underwear, adult sex lingerie or European and American sex underwear, you can buy it through ASM functions.

What are the sounds of ASM?

There are many types of ASM sounds, covering common friction, breathable sounds, and silk motorcycles.Each product has its corresponding sound material, which can be used for taste and choice.

Does ASM support multi -language?

Currently, ASM only supports Chinese language.

What is the future development trend of ASM function?

Through the exploration of ASM functions, we can foresee that the promotion and creation of sexy underwear products will be more humane, immersive, and diversified.In the future, we can look forward to the launch of more complete, more practical and innovative ASM functional services, connect more scenarios with the needs of users, so that users can enjoy better and convenient shopping services.

in conclusion

As a new way of buying, ASM has greatly improved consumers’ online shopping experience of sexy underwear.It enhances the interaction between users and products, improves the efficiency of purchasing sexy underwear, and makes shopping more efficient, convenient and three -dimensional.

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