Zhang Jiani sexy underwear hot dance photo


Recently, Zhang Jiani posted a group of photos of sexy underwear on the Internet. Many netizens praised her beauty and sexy.Today, we will share her group of hot dance photos from the styles, materials, colors and other aspects she wears.

Style and cutting

In this set of hot dance photos, Zhang Jiani’s sexy lingerie styles are diverse.Among them, the most noticeable is the lace lace -type sexy underwear. This underwear uses fine lace lace and enhances the morphological beauty of the chest through vertical tailoring.In addition, there are various styles of sexy underwear such as strap type, hollow type, and perspective type appear in this group of photos.

Materials are high -level and charming

In this set of hot dance photos, most of the sexy underwear worn by Zhang Jiani uses high -end fabrics, and the khaki sexy underwear is one of the highlights.Khaki is usually considered a low -key, warm and classic color, which is very matched with this sexy underwear background color.

Color and matching

In order to create a different sexy atmosphere, in this set of hot dance photos, the color of the sexy underwear wearing Zhang Jiani uses a variety of gorgeous colors.Among them, red, black and white and other colors are classic colors, calm and noble, impressive, flipping it under dark, full of texture, showing the charming charm of mature women, light and elegantEssence

Perspective and hollow

Perspective and hollowing out is currently more popular sexy underwear design technology. They have innovation and characteristics.Performance erotic underwear uses transparent fabrics, which is often used in designs that are relatively avant -garde, concise, and not easy.The hollow erotic underwear is the empty part of different shapes on the fabric, making the underwear a sense of artistic and fashionable.

Accessory decoration

In addition to the design of the underwear itself, the decoration of accessories is also worthy of attention.In this set of hot dance photos, Zhang Jiani’s sexy underwear is equipped with tulle, lace lace, beads and other decorations. Although these decorative objects are relatively small, they often add a lot of chic style to the design of the underwear.

The effect of chest and hip shape shaping

In addition to sexy underwear, it can also shape the good look of chest and hip shapes.The lace lace -type sexy underwear enhances the morphological beauty of the chest through vertical tailoring, and the effect of the wrapping effect makes the chest more concentrated.The hollow and strap -type sexy underwear can highlight the charming factor of the hip curve.

Personal style and sentiment

Different people have different sexy factors. Everyone wears sexy underwear will have different emotional styles.Zhang Jiani has a variety of sexy underwear. In this group of photos, she successfully created her own sexual emotional tone through various methods such as physical expression, expressions, and atmosphere.


In short, this group of Zhang Jiani’s sexy underwear hot dance photo fully shows the diversity and charm of sexy underwear.It can not only make people feel sexy and emotional, but also create a perfect body beauty for women. It is a fashion item worth investing.