You are so good with your own sexy underwear

What is its own erotic underwear?

Combined with sex underwear refers to clothing that can be used to add sexy or irritating behavior inside or additional accessories.These clothes can be clothes, corset, underwear, stockings, stockings, gloves and other styles of clothing, but they all have the function of "inner beauty".


It is undoubtedly a good choice for women who want to increase interest and sexy.This kind of clothing can not only exercise your self -confidence, but also make sex more interesting.So if you want to enjoy more diversified sex, you may wish to add "sexy wardrobe".Especially for more economical women, choosing some dual or multi -purpose erotic lingerie can also satisfy their sexual interest while saving money.

Taking into account a comfortable and sexy design

In order to keep sexy while also taking into account the comfort, the designers have conducted long exploration of materials, design, and tailoring of their own sexy underwear.In terms of design, the main difference between it and ordinary clothing lies in its internal design.It can look the same as ordinary clothes in appearance, but the inside of the clothes is equipped with soft and comfortable velvet cover or lace underwear cups such as soft texture, so that people can not feel the strange feeling when wearing.

Diverse matching methods

Compared with ordinary clothes, the matching method of self -containing underwear is more diverse.For example, with stockings with triangular underwear, vibration sticks were installed in panties, and so on.Even if you are not designed for sex, your own erotic underwear, as long as you choose to match properly, you can feel sexy and confident.

Different types of own erotic sheets

There are many types of erotic underwear, including a variety of naked, deep V, open -cut types, straps on the chest, transparent, open crotch underwear, and so on.Deep V -neck type is especially suitable for people with smaller chest shapes, which can improve the visual effect of the chest.The part of the bonding design on the chest is wide and tight, which can effectively enhance the shape of the chest.Open crotch underwear can make behavior more convenient and free.

Continuously exciting sexy toys

In their own sexy underwear, some delicate sexy toy design also brings more sexual stimuli.For example, built -in vibration rods, massagers, etc. can increase women’s sexual desire and increase sexual interaction.This is very beneficial for those who are tired of passive sex.

Diverse style

It is also diverse in style with erotic underwear.It can be a variety of flowers, silk, net eyes, leather, lace and other textures, which can be a variety of color and patterns.For those who want to try different styles, it is also a good choice to bring a sexy underwear.

Maintenance method with sex underwear

After buying with self -interest underwear, maintenance is also very important.Different materials of underwear require different maintenance methods.For example, the velvet inner sleeve needs to be washed with warm water, and you cannot wash it with a washing machine. You cannot use bleach.Therefore, before use, you must carefully read the instructions for the Underwear and follow the instructions.

Buy TIPS with self -containing underwear

When choosing and buying their own sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to some TIPS.The first point is to pay attention to the budget. It is generally more expensive than ordinary underwear.The second point is to pay attention to your own body shape and choose the suitable underwear size to avoid discomfort.Third, you can choose different styles according to your needs and personality, and you don’t have to choose underwear according to the aesthetics of others.

in conclusion

It is no longer a mysterious and novel choice with its own sexy underwear. It has become a popular fashion in daily life.For those who encourage freedom and appreciate beauty, it is a convenient, practical, and imaginative choice.It is a very interesting attempt to bring sexy underwear whether it is used for daily life or sex.

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