Yiwu Foreign Trade Instead Underwear

Yiwu Foreign Trade Instead Underwear

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people are paying attention to their sexual life and health, which also reflects the needs of the sex underwear market.As the world’s largest small commodity market, Yiwu has naturally become a distribution center for foreign trade sexy underwear.So, what styles and brands are worth mentioning in Yiwu’s foreign trade sexy underwear market?

There are many products

There are many types of products in Yiwu’s foreign trade sexy underwear market, which can be said to have everything.From traditional sexy pajamas, lace underwear, to more open SM uniforms and sexy toys, everything is available.Both men or women can find their favorite products here.

A lot of brands

Yiwu Foreign Trade Inspection Underwear Market covers brands around the world. From Japan’s Caviaar, Sexytights in the United States, and Anne Summers in Europe, they can be found here.The competition of many brands has also made the quality and price of sexy underwear products in the Yiwu market very competitive.

Rich fabric material

As a close -fitting underwear, erotic underwear naturally needs good fabric materials, and the sexy underwear in the Yiwu market is no exception.In addition to traditional silk, cotton, etc., there are many new fabric materials.For example, acrylic fibers, polyester fibers, etc. These fabric texture is more comfortable and more sexy.


It is not easy to choose a product that suits you in foreign trade underwear market.The following are some points for buying fun underwear:

1. Select the right size

Because the design of sexy underwear is more close, the size choice is very important.Be sure to choose according to your actual size.

2. Choose the opposite fabric

The comfort of the fabric is very important. For example, the silk fabric will be softer and comfortable, but it needs to be maintained properly.Some other fabric texture is more durable.

3. Select the right style

There are many styles of sexy underwear. Some styles are suitable for people with open personality, and some are suitable for more conservative people.Be sure to choose a style that suits you.

Market prospects

At present, the demand for the domestic sex underwear market is getting larger and larger, and the Yiwu market, as the largest small commodity market in the world, has a good market development prospect.In the market competition, it continuously improves the quality of production and continuously enriches the product types and styles, which can gradually occupy market share, broaden market prospects, and win more consumers.

All in all, in Yiwu’s foreign trade sexy underwear market, there are many types of products, many brands, and rich fabric materials. Pay attention to sizes, fabrics and styles when buying, and the market prospects are broad.Of course, when buying sexy underwear, consumers should also pay attention to the choice of formal channels to protect their vital interests.

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