Yehuo full transparent sexy underwear catwalk show

Yehuo full transparent sexy underwear catwalk show


The new all -transparent erotic underwear launched by night fire underwear has attracted much attention, giving people more expectations and imagination about sexy underwear.Not only that, Yehuo also specially organized a grand catwalk event for this full transparent sexy underwear. The unique design and sexy style added unlimited charm to the catwalk.

Material and use

Night -fire full transparent sexy underwear production material uses top elastic silk and transparent mesh eyes, which is close to the body while allowing the skin to breathe normally, providing you with the most natural comfortable feeling.The transparent design reveals the body curve and has a visual temptation, making it a highlight of the sex party.

Design style

Night -fire is full of transparent and sexy lingerie. It has a variety of design elements such as suspenders, lace, hollow, and lace, which fully meets the personality and style of different people for sentiment and style.The style is novel and the trend is strong, highlighting the unique charm and personality of women.

Color selection

The color choice of the color of the nightfire is rich in color selection, from simple black and white to high -cold silver to luxurious gold, all show a noble and elegant temperament.The choice of color adds more emotional and atmosphere, which is an indispensable accessory for sex parties.


Night -fire full transparent sexy underwear is more diverse, such as gauze skirts, stockings, high heels, etc. The fashionable and sexy matching makes people instantly have an innate sexy temperament.It can make women more confident without losing charm and become synonymous with sexy queen.

Suitable occasion

Night -fire full transparent erotic underwear is not only wearing clothing on the bed. It also applies to various sexual parties, theme parties, nightclub parties, etc. It can also be used as a package for unique shooting.The transparent design is reflected in the soft dance floor and the night, which makes this sexy underwear vivid and charming.

How to wear correctly

When wearing nightfire full of transparent sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to your own figure, the size of the brand, the design of the design, and the character and your own personality. Choose the style and props that suits you to show yourself the most beautiful side.


In addition to wearing sexy underwear, pay attention, and maintenance cannot be ignored.Night fire is full of transparent sexy underwear to use cold water hand -washing to avoid direct sun exposure, drying or ironing at high temperature.Avoid washing with other items to keep the texture and color of the underwear.

Price positioning

Yehuo full transparent sexy underwear is positioned in the mid -to -high -end market, and the price is relatively high. However, with its unique design and luxurious handmade, it has obtained a wide range of markets and awareness, becoming a must -have dress for the queen of fun.


Yehuo full transparent sexy underwear is a fashion art that cannot be missed. It has a unique design style, high -end material selection, and fine handicrafts, which means that it has precious cultural connotation and humanistic attributes.Whether you want to show a variety of styles in sexual parties, or looking for the most comfortable sexy underwear, it is the best choice.

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