Xiao Shou likes sexy underwear articles novels

Little Sheng’s erotic underwear fans

Xiao Shou is an optimistic young man. He doesn’t mind others call him Xiao Shou, because this call touches some mysterious emotion deep in his heart.His dream is to become a talented novelist. He is working hard to write novels every day, but always feels lack of inspiration.One day, he received a package with a pink sexy underwear.

The first impression of sexy underwear

Xiao Shou picked up this set of sexy underwear, and was curious and looking forward to.He has never tried such underwear. This set of underwear looks very sexy, and the pale pink pattern looks particularly prominent on the black shirt.He tried to put on them and felt very comfortable. This was a feeling he had never felt.

Doubt about sexy underwear

Xiao Shou walked on the street wearing a sexy underwear, and people’s eyes made him feel uncomfortable.He began to doubt whether such underwear is suitable for himself and is too sexy.But his happy heart was not affected by the negative emotions of the outside world. He began to realize that he could also put on such underwear and feel the charm of sexy.

Find more sexy underwear

Since that day, Xiao Shou has begun to find more sexy underwear.He searched for various brands and styles online, and he kept choosing and purchasing different sexy underwear.He learned how to wear these underwear and how to make himself more beautiful and sexy.

Enjoy sexy comfort

Xiao Shou found that these underwear not only made him feel confident and sexy, but also made his body healthier.Wearing sexy underwear, his body becomes more sensitive and easier to reach orgasm.He felt happy and satisfied, this feeling made him full of motivation to create better novels.

Share the happiness of sexy underwear with couples

Xiao Shou shared his sexy underwear with his boyfriend.They wearing sexy underwear together and felt the sexy and beautiful of each other at intimate moments.Xiao Shou’s boyfriend said that he likes these underwear very much, and thank Xiao Shou for his careful selection.

Change of sexy underwear

Interest underwear changed the idea of Xiao Yin, and also changed the views of the people around him.He began to become more confident and independent, and he was no longer afraid of touching the beauty that he had thought he could not have.Interesting underwear is his magic, making him discover a more beautiful and sexy side.

The future of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is a kind of magical magic. It will continue to accompany Xiao Shou, and it will also lead more people to find their beautiful and sexy side.The future of sexy underwear is bright. It will become part of fashion and culture, so that more people can feel their own value and charm.

Small view

Xiao Shou believes that everyone should have their own magic, which can make themselves more beautiful and sexy.Interesting underwear is his magic, it makes him regain confidence and courage, and make him a better self.He hopes that everyone can have their own magic and let themselves discover their true value and charm.

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