Xiao San’s movie name wearing sexy underwear

Guizi: Sexy underwear becomes a sexy element in the movie

Interest underwear has always been one of the symbols of sexy and hot -hotter, so it is often used as an important part of sexy elements in movies.One of the plots is Xiao San wearing sexy underwear, which causes the marriage to have crisis or drama conflict.Such a bridge has appeared in many movies, and the names of some small three -wearing movies with sexy underwear are listed below.

Lan Yu

The movie "Lan Yu" released in 1997 is a gay movie, but there are also plots of Xiao San wearing sexy underwear.Mr. Bai has raised a woman wearing a red and sexy underwear from the lover’s bed to check the mask for him.This plot adds some tensions and drama conflicts to the story.

Fengyue Tongyou

The movie "Wind Moon Tongyou" released in 2005 is a romantic love movie. The heroine Anna in the movie appeared in front of the actor wearing a white sexy underwear.The heart of the actor became very tangled.


The movie "Calm Crazy" released in 2012 is a humorous movie of Chinese -style families, and there are also plots of Xiao San wearing sexy underwear.Zhang Xuan in the movie was wearing black lace sexy underwear and staged a bridge of poker gambling with the protagonist Ding Jianguo, which triggered a series of joy and laughter.

Intimate enemy

The movie "Intimate Enemies" released in 2015 is a marriage movie, including the heroine wearing a plot of fun underwear.The heroine Liu Fangfei in the film also dared to tell the sexy underwear to speak to him after hijacking Ruan Dongni. This scene surprised Ruan Dongni.The tension of the circumstances has also improved.

Long live love

One of the plots of the movie "Love Live Live" in 2016 is that Bai Xiaosheng arrived in the beautiful house. Beautiful women wore sexy lingerie to sell it, and even in the plot, there were some sexy and beautiful sexy underwear in the plotDescription.


The movie "Slave" released in 2017 is a more sensitive and controversial movie.There are not only three P plots in the movie, but also the scenes of the heroine wearing sexy underwear.These plots are full of controversy and topics.

Hey, Jiang Qinqin!

The movie "Hey, Jiang Qinqin!"》 Is a love comedy movie, which also has a plot of sexy underwear.The heroine Jiang Qinqin in the film once appeared in front of the actor wearing black lace sexy underwear, adding some temptation and indescribable feeling to the leading actor.

Love Apartments

In the TV series "Love Apartment" aired from 2009 to 2019, there are also many plots that are Xiao San wearing sexy underwear.For example, Bai Jie showed a red -colored sexy underwear in a rolling skirt, which impressed the audience.

End view: The role of sexy underwear in movies

It can be said that sexy underwear is an important sexy element in the movie. It can shape the image of the character and increase the conflict of the plot through the plot of the sexy underwear.However, it is necessary to pay attention to attracting attention with the elements of sexy underwear, and do not be too vulgar and unique, otherwise it is easy to cause controversy and negative effects.

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