Worship of a sexy underwear in the woolen coat


Woolen coats and sexy underwear are indispensable fashion items in autumn and winter.However, sometimes we may face a question: how should we wear sexy underwear in the coat?This article will provide you with some useful suggestions about how to put and put on the two.

Step 1: Find the right style

First of all, you need to find a sexy underwear suitable for matching woolen coats.We recommend choosing a bright or contrasting sexy underwear, which will make the whole look more attractive.

Step 2: Keep it simple

When you are aimed at wearing a sexy underwear in woolen coats, you don’t have to show too much like wearing sexy underwear on more exposed occasions.Make sure your selected underwear style is relatively simple.For example, a comfortable bra with a simple but sexy underwear can usually be worn with woolen coats.

Step 3: Consider deep V -neck

The deep V -neck in the woolen coat is a very popular design element. If it is equipped with a sexy sexy underwear, it can show a very fashionable feeling.Just pay attention to the style and color of the underwear, don’t look too tacky.

Step 4: Dynamic Falling Effect

Due to the design of the woolen coat, they usually have a deep pendant effect, and when considering wearing a sexy underwear, we use the outstanding suspender style.People are unforgettable and complementary.

Step 5: Use lace elements

Choose a sexy underwear with lace elements to add some additional color and texture to your woolen coat shape, but remember not to render too much!

Step 6: Try the off -the -shoulder design

If your woolen coat has off -shoulder design, you can choose a beautiful dark bra to show your body line to the greatest extent.The off -the -shoulder design adds some fashion elements to the woolen coat, and the sexy sexy underwear will make the whole look more conspicuous.

Step 7: Remember to wear thick meat color bottoming shirts

When wearing a sexy underwear in the coat of the woolen denim jacket, you must remember to wear a thick flesh -colored bottoming shirt first, so as to effectively avoid the discomfort caused by too sexy.At the same time, thick meat -colored bottoming shirts can also highlight your body lines.

Step 8: Use hierarchical superposition

Hierarchical superposition is a basic technique in the closet.When choosing underwear for the woolen coat, you can put a sweater on the outside of the underwear to increase a sense of layering. The sweater and underwear can be matched with the color based on personal style.

Step 9: Choose a good material

Same as a general fashion underwear. When considering a sexy underwear in the woolen coat, you also need to choose the appropriate underwear material according to the temperature and the occasion.Choosing the material suitable for the atmosphere has a great impact on the overall shape and physical comfort.

in conclusion

In the end, the woolen coat with a fun underwear is an interesting fashion attempt. With some small ingenuity, it can make the whole look more attractive.In short, it is important to keep it simple. In the case of not too sexy, keep in mind to show your personality!

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