Women’s sexy underwear wearing method video

Women’s sexy underwear wearing method video

1. Preparation before wearing

Before wearing a sexy underwear, you need to clean your body and put on non -trace underwear and tights.Remove all diamonds, beads and other hard decorations to avoid damage to clothing or body.

2. The correct order of wearing sexy underwear

The correct order of wearing sex underwear is very important.First put on the bra and make sure that the bras and straps of the bra are correct.Then put it on the bottom. If you need it, you can use the button on the side of the fastening side to maintain the tight effect.If there is an arch design, pay attention to the comfort of the leg muscles.

3. Adjust the position and shape of the bra

It is very important to adjust the position and shape of the bra. It needs to be adjusted according to your body shape.First adjust the shoulder straps so that it is parallel to the shoulder, and then adjust the strap to ensure that the cup is completely covered with the breast.Use your fingers to wrap your breasts to make the shape perfect and comfortable, and it is more comfortable to wear.

4. How to wear a sexy underwear

There are many different styles of physical and sexy underwear, but in general, the way of dressing is similar.First, put a conjoined underwear into the body from top to bottom.Then, adjust any position of the shoulder straps and the body as needed, so that wearing it is more comfortable.

5. How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you

It is very important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Different body shapes are suitable for different styles of sexy underwear.If you want to show your sexy, it is a good choice to choose a perspective or naked style.If you want to emphasize your chest, it will be better to choose a cushion.When choosing underwear, make sure your body feels comfortable, rather than being oppressed or tightened

6. How to maintain the quality of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a high -end clothing that needs to be properly cured to maintain its excellent quality.When washing the sexy underwear, use a mild detergent and a hand washing.When drying, avoid direct exposure, preferably dry in a ventilated place.When you don’t need to wear sexy underwear, you can put them in a wake -breathable wardrobe to avoid sunlight directly to them.

7. How to maintain the style of sexy underwear

To maintain the style of sexy underwear, we must first avoid any conditions that may damage them, such as using scissors, syringes or other sharp tools.Do not fold or compress sexy underwear when stored, otherwise it is easy to cause changes in styles and shapes.When wearing and storing sexy underwear, pay attention to avoid being rubbed, damaged or affected by other pollutants.

8. How to match sexy jacket

Fairy underwear needs to be selected according to different occasions and different personal tastes.Some people choose to match high heels or sling socks to highlight sexy.If you want to wear more grand occasions, you can choose to match your sexy underwear or match with a jacket, which is even more dazzling.

9. The taboo of wearing sexy underwear

There are also some taboos when wearing sexy underwear.First of all, avoid too tight, too tight underwear will cause damage to the body.Secondly, don’t choose too complicated styles. These styles are difficult to wear or feel uncomfortable after wearing.Finally, choose the style and style suitable for your body, do not blindly pursue fashion or trend.

10. Conclusion

Wearing sexy underwear needs to consider multiple aspects, including styles, materials, comfort, and so on.You can maintain the quality and style of these ladies’ sexy underwear by learning specific wearable skills and some maintenance tips.Through appropriate wear, you can show your sexy, but please pay attention to the adverse effects of over -wear.

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