Woman video wearing sexy underwear feed

Sexy underwear feeding video popularity

In recent years, some mothers have shared videos of wearing sexy underwear feeding on social media, which caused a lot of sensation.More and more people have begun to explore the benefits and precautions of wearing sexy lingerie feeding.

The benefits of wearing sex underwear feed

Some mothers like to wear sexy underwear to feed, because these underwear are generally more sexy, and put on them to make them feel confident and sexy.And these underwear often have some special designs, such as the shoulder straps or lids that can be easily removed for easy breastfeeding.In addition, wearing sexy underwear can also give partners some visual stimuli, increase the taste of husband and wife, and enhance feelings.


Although it looks sexy wearing sexy underwear, when choosing underwear, mothers also need to pay attention to the comfort and breathability of underwear.The material of the underwear should be comfortable, soft, and breathable, so as not to adversely affect the milk weight or bring discomfort to the breast.In addition, the size of the underwear also needs to pay attention to it. Choosing a suitable size can make feeding easier and smoother.

The importance of feeding posture

Whether wearing sexy underwear or normal underwear, it is very important to feed the posture.The correct breastfeeding posture can avoid breast pain and mastitis, and ensure that the baby gets enough nutrition.Moms can choose a more comfortable posture, such as lying on the side or sitting to feed, so as not to produce unnecessary fatigue and oppression.

Impact of the climate

Pay attention to climate issues when wearing sex lingerie.Choose good breathability in summer, pay attention to the warmth of underwear in autumn and winter.Choosing the right underwear material can ensure the freshness and nutrition of breast milk and improve the feeding effect.

Cleaning and maintenance of underwear

The cleaning and maintenance of underwear are also very important.In order to ensure the quality and comfort of the underwear, mothers should regularly clean the underwear, use mild detergent, and wash their underwear.After cleaning, dry the underwear. Do not use a high temperature dryer or directly expose the sun to avoid damaging the material of the underwear.

The relationship between diet and feeding

Diet is also closely related to feeding.Moms should pay attention to the balance and health of the diet, and eat more nutritious foods, such as protein, vitamin C, folic acid, etc. to improve the quality of breast milk.In addition, drinking water is also very important. Moms should ensure sufficient water intake to avoid affecting the yield of breast milk.

Improvement of parent -child relationship

Wearing sex underwear feeding can not only enhance the relationship between husband and wife, but also enhance the relationship between parent -child.Feeding is a very intimate process that can enhance the emotional communication between mothers and babies and increase each other’s trust and emotions.

Influence of personal habits

Everyone’s habit and preference for wearing underwear are different. Some people prefer sexy and fashionable underwear, while some people tend to be comfortable and practical underwear.Choosing to feed in sexy lingerie or feeding ordinary underwear, you also need to choose according to your preferences and habits.


It looks interesting and sexy to wear sexy underwear.However, when choosing and wearing underwear, mothers should also pay attention to comfort and practicality.Different seasons and different breastfeeding posture and climate need to choose different underwear.The correct breastfeeding posture and a scientific diet are also very important.The most important thing is that wearing sex underwear can also increase interaction and trust between parent -child, making this process more pleasant and easier.

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