Wife’s sexy underwear selfie


In modern society, more and more husbands and wives have begun to pay attention to sex life. Interesting underwear has become a variety of products with a wide variety of products, and selfies are a way to share and show sexy underwear.Recently, my wife took many selfies to share with me, which caused my attention and inquiry about sexy underwear. Here are some of my ideas.

Questy underwear entry

First of all, sexy underwear is generally divided into four types: sexy underwear, uniform temptation, role -playing and SM supplies.Each type has different characteristics and applicable objects.If you are an entry player in sex underwear, it is recommended to choose the type that suits you first.

Material selection

The material of sex underwear is usually lace, cotton, polyester fiber, linen, real silk, leather, etc.Appropriate materials can make your skin fully care and make your sex life more comfortable.

Color is also a science

The impact of color on emotions cannot be ignored. Careful choosing suitable colors can visually add the charm of sexy underwear.Pink, red, black, white, blue, etc. are more common choices.

The design style should be appropriate

In addition to the choice of basic types, materials and colors, the design style is also very important.Different design styles are suitable for different figures and personalities. For example, V -shaped design can make the chest more protruding. The back design can add points to the back. The lace material can increase the mystery.

Pay attention to the size

You need to pay attention to your own size when choosing sexy underwear, otherwise the effect of buying may not be satisfactory.It is recommended that you measure according to your actual size, and then find a size suitable for you to buy.


After understanding the main points of choosing sexy underwear, let’s talk about selfie skills.The focus of selfies is angle, light and expression.It should be noted that don’t ignore the overall atmosphere and adjust the background according to your hobbies.

Display the attitude of self -confidence

During the shooting process, a self -confidence attitude is very important, and the appropriate expression can make the shooting more vivid and interesting.In addition, paying attention to your own posture and temperament can also improve the quality of selfies.

Way of sharing

Of course, the charm of sexy underwear selfies need to be shared.The way to share can be private sharing and public sharing.Private sharing is mainly suitable for husband and wife, and public sharing needs to take into account your identity and the surrounding environment. Do not share on unsuitable occasions or platforms.

Choice of timing

Before sharing selfies, consider choosing the right time.Do not share in accidents, such as tiredness, depression, etc.It is best to choose to share it with a happy mood and comfortable body.

my point of view

Generally speaking, the selfie of sexy underwear can not only add the taste of husband and wife, but also effectively enhance the communication and interaction between husband and wife.Of course, choosing the erotic underwear and careful shooting of you are equally important. It is recommended that you choose and try in combination with your actual situation.

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