Wife secretly buys sexy underwear


Recently, I found that my wife often changed clothes at home, and she paid more attention to her appearance than before.I didn’t care. Until one day when I flipped to a document at home, I accidentally found a box of sexy underwear in the bed.

first reaction

When I saw these sexy underwear, my first reaction was a little surprised and confused.I don’t know why my wife buy these things.


I started to question whether my wife had an affair, or she was no longer interested in me.I think these ideas are natural, because I don’t know why she wants to buy these things.


I decided to communicate frankly with my wife, and I asked her what was going on with these sexy underwear.She explained to me that she wanted to try some new things, to better maintain her appearance, and enhance her self -confidence.


I started to understand her thoughts, and began to see why women like sexy underwear.I have learned that some women think that wearing sexy underwear can make them feel more confident and enhance their sexual attractiveness.For these women, wearing sexy underwear is a way to express themselves, and it is also a kind of enjoyment.


I was surprised to find that my wife did not consider the price when buying sexy underwear.She is very concerned about quality and effect, and is willing to spend more money to get better products.I started to realize that for some women, sexy underwear is not only a kind of dress, but also an investment.


I started to understand the brand and style of love underwear.I found that the sexy underwear of different brands has different characteristics and styles, and there are different prices.For different women, choosing sexy underwear of different brands is a way to show personality and pursue taste.


I also learned that the size of sexy underwear is very important.Different women have different figures. Choosing the right size can make sexy underwear better show their advantages and make themselves more comfortable and comfortable.


We need to understand how to maintain sexy underwear.It is important to use appropriate methods to clean and maintain sexy underwear, which can make them more durable while maintaining their appearance and quality.

in conclusion

By understanding and accepting, I started to understand the reason why women like sexy underwear, and I also started to respect the power of my wife to choose to wear sexy lingerie.My wife has established some of her own brands and styles, and her understanding of sex underwear has surpassed my cognitive scope.I think that sexy underwear is not just a woman’s dress, but a way to reflect women’s personality. If my wife wants to wear sex underwear to express herself, I will always support her.

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