Why don’t girls like to wear sexy underwear

1. Conceptual obstacle

In the concepts of many women, sexy underwear is regarded as a symbol of "sexy", "exposure", and "cheap". It seems that only "unscrupulous" women wear such clothes.This concept comes from the influence of the moral and traditional concepts of society, and it is also the main obstacle to women who dare not try freshness in wearing.

2. The size is not appropriate

Although there are many different sizes of sexy underwear on the market, many women will still find that the size is not appropriate when choosing, resulting in uncomfortable uncomfortable or poor visual effects.If the size is inappropriate, even if you put on a sexy coat, you will feel that you are not picky enough.

3. Materials are uncomfortable

Some erotic underwear due to material problems, such as plastic, cotton, etc., which can cause very uncomfortable when wearing, and even allergic or itchy.Many women would rather choose comfortable cotton underwear, and they are not willing to let themselves unbearable discomfort.

4. It is difficult to wear

Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear is more difficult and requires specific dressing skills.If you are not used to this type of clothing, it will make women feel difficult when wearing and removed, or even affect the feeling.

5. Not suitable for daily wear

Many erotic underwear styles are special, not suitable for daily wear, only suitable for specific occasions.If women need to wear formal clothing to go to work or go to appointment, most of the sexy underwear cannot meet their needs, so they will choose more practical underwear styles.

6. The brand is not enough to know

Compared with traditional clothing brands, there are relatively few sexy underwear brands. Many brands are not well -known enough. Women are more likely to choose their familiar brands when buying.This has also led to not high enthusiasm for women to buy sexy underwear.

7. Incorrect purchase channels

Due to the unusual special nature of sexy underwear brands, many brands are not suitable for sales in shopping malls or department stores.This causes women to go to a specific physical store when buying this underwear or buy online through the Internet.

8. Beauty is not prominent enough

Although the main characteristics of sexy underwear are sexy and challenging, they also need a certain beauty.If the design and color of the sexy underwear are not coordinated, women will also worry that wearing is not beautiful enough.

9. Insufficient confidence

If a woman lacks self -confidence and is not confident in her body or appearance, she will be cautious about wearing sexy underwear like exposed clothes.This is an important reason why many women’s psychological obstacles and erotic underwear cannot be popular.

10. Differences in cultural background

Although there are many types of sexy underwear brands, internationally, sexy underwear is still a relatively special type of dressing. Many countries and cultural backgrounds do not support this type of clothing.This also leads to the increasing difficulty of popularizing and wearing sexy underwear in some areas.

In my point of view, there are no problems in women’s sexy underwear. On the contrary, they can release women’s sexy and charm.However, this dress requires the general public to be gradually accepted, understood and supported.At the same time, more high -quality brands need to launch more suitable women’s sexy underwear styles, improve the comfort and beauty of wearing, and make more women willing to choose sexy underwear to become more confident and beautiful.

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