Which category of JD.com sex underwear belongs to

Which category of JD.com sex underwear belongs to

Sex underwear is regarded as a kind of adult toy, but it has many different types.So, which category of JD.com sex underwear?In this article, we will answer this question for you and provide more information about sexy underwear.

I. What is sexy sheets

Sex underwear refers to underwear for the purpose of pornography and sexual attractiveness.They can be Lingerie (women) or Sexy Underwear (for men) for various styles and colors to increase sexual attractiveness of men and women, stimulate passion and improve the quality of life.Interest underwear includes sexy underwear, uniforms, handcuffs, restraint and handcuffs.

II. Which category of JD.com sex underwear belongs to

JD, as a comprehensive e -commerce platform, has a more detailed classification.Interesting underwear is an adult product category, which is also a separate classification of JD.com.Under this category, we can find various brand and styles of sexy underwear, including beautiful sexy underwear, sexy sexy lingerie, adult erotic lingerie, European and American sex lingerie and Japanese sexy underwear.

III. JD.com sex underwear type

Under the classification of Jingdong sexy underwear, there are many different types of sexy underwear.They are designed to be suitable for different occasions, various appearance requirements and body shape.Some common types include: women’s lace sexy underwear, men’s briefs and multifunctional sex sex sets.

IV. Social emotional sexy underwear

Social emotional and sexy underwear is a special underwear for various social occasions.They may include sexy hook underwear, transparent clothes or floral print pants, and atmosphere that can strengthen weddings, dances or other special occasions.

V. Wedding sex underwear shop

There are also many sexy underwear packages suitable for marriage in JD.com.Wedding sexy underwear shop products are usually based on white or pink.They can also contain many lace, lace and silk.

Vi. Fairy Tale series sexy underwear

In the design of the fairy tales series, we focus on creating classical, fine -tuning and romantic atmosphere.Common characters include cute or naive princesses, maids and male knights.These sexy underwear generally use dark or dark purple as the main color.


Low -key -looking series of sexy lingerie is quite simple in color, texture and style.The main characters are basic and nude colors.This kind of sexy underwear ‘requires ladies to wear elegant, giving people a low -key and noble feeling.

Viii. Queen’s series of sexy underwear

Queen’s series of sexy underwear includes: prostitutes to match, young children’s white punishment set, adjustable metal leather belts, cat slaves will be uniform, online prostitutes, play boat combination sets, etc.These sexy underwear usually includes elements such as lace, leather and iron chain.

IX. Summary

There are many different types and uses of sexy underwear, and the classification of Jingdong sex underwear is adult products.Before shopping, consumers need to have a clearer understanding of the shape, size, color, and use of their needed.Consumers also need to pay attention to issues such as product descriptions, materials, and human security.Finally, when buying sexy underwear, please pay attention to after -sales service and product quality.

X. Conclusion

JD.com’s sexy underwear is an increasingly popular shopping choice.They provide opportunities to enhance sexual attractiveness and increase quality of life.Compared with other brands of sex underwear, JD.com’s sexual underwear inventory and choices are more widely selected. The price is more transparent and the form takes less time and energy to find complex search.

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