What to pay attention to sexy underwear model

What to pay attention to sexy underwear model

Step 1: Choose the right underwear

First, the size of the underwear must be selected.Incanthana in size will not only affect the model’s wearing comfort, but also affect the display effect of underwear.Secondly, the style of the underwear must also conform to the figure and personal characteristics of the model.For example, the bras, thickness, shoulder straps of the bras must be consistent with the chest shape and bust of the model.And sexy underwear considers the model’s personal temperament and personality, and choose a underwear that can highlight her sexy and charm.

Step 2: Keep the perfect state of skin and body

A good sexy underwear model must not only have a good figure and temperament, but also pay attention to skin and body maintenance.Models should pay attention to cleaning the skin every day, moisturizing, and moderate exercise and massage.Because some underwear needs to expose a lot of skin, if the skin is flawed or dull, it will affect the overall effect.

Step 3: Play base makeup

When taking pictures or walking, the model’s makeup should be exquisite and natural.Base makeup is the most basic step. Choose the right foundation and concealer to make the skin color look uniform and bright.In addition, pay attention to the use of makeup products to make makeup lasting and natural.

Step 4: Turn your eye makeup

Eye makeup is the most important part of the entire makeup, which can highlight the charm and charm of the eyes.When choosing eye makeup products, consider the color and style of the underwear, so that the eye makeup and underwear are more coordinated and perfect.In addition, the painting and skills of eye makeup must be proficient in mastering.

Step 5: Proficient in posture and expressions

A good sexy underwear model must have a beautiful posture and appropriate expression.The posture should be elegant and natural, don’t be stiff and stiff.The expression needs to be adjusted according to the style of the underwear.For example, adult erotic underwear needs to look sexy and charming, while European and American sexy underwear needs to look fashionable and avant -garde.

Step 6: Grasp the time and occasions

The occasion and time of sexy underwear are often important.Location, lights, music and audiences will affect the performance of the model.The model needs to accurately evaluate and grasp the occasion, and choose the appropriate performance method and skills based on its advantages and the characteristics of underwear.

Step 7: Strengthen the characteristics of your own image

The image of sexy underwear models should highlight personal characteristics and personality style.Models need to work hard in their own appearance, temperament, and figure to create a unique image and style.In addition, dressing and living habits during leisure also affect the image of the model, and maintain good living habits and images.

Step 8: Adjust according to market demand

The demand for the sex underwear market is constantly changing, and models need to make appropriate adjustments according to the needs of the market.It is necessary to pay more attention to market changes and popular trends, continuously expand your scope and ability, and broaden your own underwear model channels.

Step 9: Establish a good cooperative relationship with underwear brands

Underwear models must maintain a good cooperative relationship with underwear brands.Brand owners are supporters and sponsors of models. They can get a good connection and communication with the brand to get more sponsorship and support, laying a more stable foundation for their model career.

Step 10: Keep a positive attitude

The work of making sexy underwear models not only requires the appearance of the appearance, but also the beauty and confidence in the heart.Models need to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, continuously improve their professional skills, and create more opportunities and breakthroughs for their model career.


All sexy underwear models need to grasp the above steps to become a successful underwear model.Successful underwear models can attract more people’s attention and make underwear more beautiful and sexy.Therefore, I hope that all models can maintain their professional attitude and enthusiasm, continuously improve their skills and charm, and welcome more challenges and opportunities.

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