What to do if there is no cleavage in sexual underwear without a cleavage

What should I do if there is no cleavage in sexual underwear?

In addition to improving sexual fun, wearing sexy underwear is also a necessary means for women to show sexy charm.But sometimes, when wearing a sexy underwear, I find that I have no cleavage or the cleavage is not deep enough. What should I do?Here I will introduce several methods to help you show sexy cleavage!

1. Choose the right size and style

First, it is important to choose a size and style that suits you.Different styles and sizes have different emphasis and modifications for different figures.Women with flat chest can choose a slightly recovered chest, but avoid choosing too tight styles.In addition, the improvement of artificial cleavage is also excellent.

2. Add a clustering pad or a wave pad

The shades of cleavage have a lot to do with the design of the bra.If you find that your bras do not help you increase your cleavage, you can consider adding a clustering or wave pad for the bra.These two cushions can effectively help improve your chest shape and make you more sexy and charming!

3. Vitality Wei Liang, expansion and internal collection

If you wearing a bra, you find that you do n’t have a cleavage, you can consider adjusting your own posture and adopt the method of expanding the internal collection, so that the bras can effectively help you increase the cleavage.At the same time, after putting on the bra, you can gently push the bras inward, so that the breasts can be concentrated and increased the depth of the cleavage.

4. Use the smear breast enhancement cream

In order to increase the depth of the cleavage and increase the lines of the chest, we can also use some smear breast enhancement cream.Through the method of applying, it effectively helps the chest to moisturize and repair, gradually increase and plump, and shape a more sexy cleavage.

5. Pay attention to breast care and promote blood circulation

The maintenance of the chest is very important, and it has a vital role in the development of the chest and the health of the breast.Usually you can do more breast massage and exercise, and pay attention to diet mixing and supplement nutrients to promote breast development and increase, thereby increasing the depth of the cleavage.

6. Choose a reinforcement yoga

Yoga can achieve weight loss and improve the cleavage effect, so you can choose some enhanced yoga, and some sports for the chest, so as to help you create a slender body and sexy cleavage lines, show your sexy charm!

7. Pay attention to body and clothing

Wearing a sexy underwear is not just to choose a suitable underwear. You also need to pay attention to the overall combination of your body and clothes.Choose some sexy matching, such as the long necklace of the pendant, the collar of the collarbone, the appropriate superb high heels, etc., which can make you more charming.At the same time, the completion of the appropriate amount of makeup can make you look more eye -catching.

8. Make a self -confidence mentality

Finally, to maintain a self -confidence, don’t care too much about others.When you have a confident attitude, you will show different charm and confidence when you wear sexy underwear, so that the cleavage problem will be solved naturally!

In short, it is not difficult to increase the depth of the cleavage.By choosing suitable bras, adding cushions, adjusting the overall position, and using painting breast enhancement cream, maintaining breasts, choosing proper exercise and clothing, and maintaining a confident mentality, I believe you can show charming sexy charm!

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