What sexy underwear to buy by fat people

What sexy underwear to buy by fat people

When choosing sexy underwear, fat people need to consider not only beautiful and sexy, but more importantly, comfort and wear effect.Here are some useful suggestions, which can help fat people find the sexy underwear that suits them best.

Choose a style with a wide shoulder strap and back buckle

The fat body is relatively strong, and it is not advisable to choose the kind of thin shoulder strap and the backless sexy underwear.These styles cannot provide sufficient support for breasts and backs, bringing unnecessary burdens to the body.Instead, choosing a wide -shoulder strap and back buckle style can provide better comfort and support.

Select the appropriate material

The body of the fat people is usually hot, so the material must be considered when choosing a sexy underwear.It is best to choose fabrics with good breathability and soft texture, such as cotton and silk. These materials can make the body comfortable and avoid sweating.

Avoid too tight styles

Excessive tight -fitting underwear causes oppression and restrictions on the body, especially for the thighs and belly parts.Fat people can choose slightly loose styles when choosing sexy underwear, so that they can maintain a comfortable dressing experience.

Choose a style with inner lining

Inner lining sexy underwear allows fat people to better cover up their fat and provide additional support.The inner lining can also help to prevent the embarrassing situation of the nipples from exposing the nipples, making it more confident.

Reasonably select the size of the cup

Fat people’s breasts are usually plump, so the size of the cup is very important.Choosing a suitable size cup can provide better support and comfort.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the depth of the cup is appropriate to avoid squeezing the breast and deformation.

Choose the color and style that suits you

The color and style of sexy underwear are very personal. Fat people should consider their personal preferences and wear occasions when choosing.Generally speaking, dark -colored underwear can provide better modification effects, while underwear with bright colors and patterns is more suitable for occasions with relaxed atmosphere and exaggerated personal temperament.

Avoid choosing tight -fitting jackets

Although the tight conjoined underwear looks sexy, it may be uncomfortable for fat people.This underwear will close the body tightly, and if the size is not appropriate, it will cause excessive pressure to all parts of the body.In addition, it is more difficult to wear off -the -body underwear.

Update sexy sheets regularly

The body of the fat people is relatively easy to sweat and wear, and the update cycle of sexy underwear should be more frequent than ordinary underwear.Replacement of sexy underwear in time can ensure the comfort and hygiene of wearing, and can also have more choices.

Try to penetrate before choosing a brand and model

Before choosing a sexy underwear, it is recommended to go to the physical store to try it out to understand the characteristics and applicability of the brand and model.Try to make you better understand the dressing effect, comfort and quality of Qingqu underwear.At the same time, you can also choose the sexy underwear that suits you best under the guidance of professionals.


In short, when choosing a fun underwear, fat people should pay special attention to their physical characteristics and needs, and choose the appropriate style, size and material.Try to try on as much as possible before buying, choose the brand and model that suits you best.If you can notice these details, you can have a more comfortable and confident dressing experience.

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