What posture is suitable for sex underwear

What posture is suitable for sex underwear


Interest underwear is exciting clothes and can increase fun in sex.However, in order to achieve the ideal effect, you must choose the correct style and wear in the correct posture.This article will introduce sexy underwear for different situations.

What kind of sexy underwear is suitable

In each situation, different types of sexy underwear have the most suitable way to wear.For example, for changing postures, the tightness is moderate and easy to move sexy underwear is the best choice.For the situation that needs to be maintained for a longer time, such as the position of "female upper men and men", it is a better choice to fit and have good supporting sexy underwear.

Selection of sexy underwear color

Choosing the color of sexy underwear can also affect the posture you want.For example, black sexy underwear can bring a more challenging feeling, suitable for your partner to push your body to the limit. White sex underwear can bring a more gentle and romantic feeling, suitable for tenderness and relaxation.

Pose in sexy underwear

When you wear sexy underwear, especially more complicated styles, you need to find a suitable posture.For example, a vest -style sexy underwear with a cross -shoulder cross requires your hair first and tilted forward, so that you can wear more conveniently wearing sexy underwear.For sexy underwear that needs to be tied, you can first buckle it, and then adjust the position of the strap.

The sexy underwear posture of wearing under the sitting position

When you are sitting on the bed or on a chair, you can put your elbows first when you are preparing to wear sexy underwear, so that you can wear it easier to wear.For sexy underwear that needs to be tied, you can first use your hand to adjust the belt on the back.

Lie or lying down with a posture of wearing sexy underwear

When you are lying on the bed and wearing sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a soft sexy underwear without choosing a steel bone swimsuit.If you want to wear sexy underwear behind you, you can tie it in your chest first, and then adjust its position to the back.

Wearing a sexy underwear under standing position

Wear sex underwear under the standing position. It is recommended to focus on one foot and raise the toes of the other foot to increase the part where the body needs to be adjusted more easily.

Body curve -type sexy underwear wearable posture

The body curve -type sexy underwear is tight, and you need to coordinate your body curve with the sexy lingerie curve, so as to achieve the best results.When you wear, you can choose to lie down or sit, first fix the hem of the underwear near the hips, and pull it up slowly, adjust it to the best state.

The dressing posture of off -the -shoulder sexy underwear

The off -the -shoulder sexy underwear requires you to fully consider the situation of the back of the shoulders. If you are not only off -the -shoulder but also your back, it is recommended to tilt your hair forward before you wear it.Pay attention to tie the shoulder straps when wearing, and fix the back.

Coordination of sexy underwear and posture

Finally, it should be noted that different erotic underwear styles need to be used with different sexual positions.For example, some sexy underwear is suitable for women’s upper and lower positions, or backward positions.Therefore, when choosing the style of sexy underwear, you also need to consider the sexual posture you will use.


It is very important to choose a suitable sexy underwear and wearable posture, which can enable you and your partner to enjoy a better sex life.It is hoped that this article can provide useful guidance for your purchasing and wearables.

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