What machine is needed to do sex underwear

1. Introduction to sex underwear production technology

Interest underwear is a unique underwear. It focuses on sexy and seductive designs, such as lace, perspective, hollow, restraint and other elements, which has become the heart of many women.Knowing how to make sexy underwear is a necessary skill for every sexy underwear manufacturer. This article will introduce machines needed to make sexy underwear.

2. Linking machine

The flat sewing machine is one of the most basic machines in all machines required for underwear.It is particularly fine to make sexy underwear, so it is necessary to buy a high -precision sewing machine.

3. Set machine

Set machines are often used when sewing underwear, and professional training can be used to make the fabric more firm.The special feature of sexy underwear is that the design style is complicated and requires the sleeve machine to assist in completion.

4. Lei machine

Lace is an indispensable detail element in sexy underwear, and lace machines can provide high -precision productivity for sexy underwear production.Use lace machines to add more details and decorations to sexy underwear, making it more high -end and attractive.

5. High -pressure iron

Sex underwear often uses different types of fabrics, so it is necessary to use different iron when processing different fabric types to ensure completion products that meet high -quality standards.

6. Follow -up machine

The front and back of the sexy underwear should be closely fitted. Using a fitting machine can make two components shrink into a loose structure.When making sexy underwear, the fitting machine can help your design leap to a higher level.

7. Handheld scissors

The design style of sexy underwear is very complicated, so holding scissors is part of the quality assurance.It can help you trim the fabric in detail so that it meets the design requirements.

8. yarn

While making sexy lingerie, you need to choose the right yarn to ensure that the texture and overall sense of the finished product are more perfect.Choose the quality and color of the yarn is one of the key to making sexy underwear.

9. Sex underwear designer

Sex underwear is a kind of visual impact underwear, so a senior sexy underwear designer is needed.Designers can design a wonderful erotic underwear based on the current popular forms, colors, materials and market dynamics.

10. meticulous and patient

Making sexy underwear is not an easy task, it takes a lot of time, labor and energy.The correct attitude is to maintain meticulousness and patience, which will make your production work more accurate and make the quality of the finished product reach a particularly high level.

The above are the machines and skills needed to make sexy underwear.I hope this article can provide you with reference and help.

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