What kind of mentality of a man to watch a sexy underwear

What kind of mentality of a man to watch a sexy underwear


Sexy erotic underwear has always been a woman’s dressing weapon, but many men also have a soft spot for this.So, what kind of mentality does a man look at the sexy underwear?This article will be discussed from the perspective of men.

Curious drive

Men are curious about sexy underwear. They want to know the private life of women, want to know why women wear sexy underwear, and also want to see the sexy temptation of sexy underwear to women.Women who wear sexy underwear have sexy temptation, no matter which man, it will be attracted.

Visual impact

In addition to curiosity, men are more attracted to the visual impact brought by erotic underwear.Sexy sexy underwear can make the women’s curve more charming and more sexy, which stimulates men’s visual senses.Men are attracted by sexy underwear because such clothing can make women more beautiful and charming.

Driver of sexual desire

In a man’s opinion, since sexy underwear is sexy stimulating, of course, it will also be driven by sexual desire.Men often have strong sexual desire driving for partners to wear sexy underwear, which is more likely to cause sexual impulse and sex.

Visual fatigue

Although men are attracted by sexy underwear, they can also develop visual fatigue after a long time.The sexy underwear, which looks too long, will look tedious.At this time, women need to replace materials and update sex underwear.

cultural background

Men’s watching is also related to the cultural background they live.In some countries and regions, wearing erotic underwear is taboo, so men are not easy to accept sexy underwear, and they are more complicated to feel.In other countries, wearing erotic underwear is a cultural custom, and men can also appreciate it.

cultural difference

In addition, different cultures also affect men’s views on sexy underwear.In some cultures, exposure is acceptable, and sexy clothes are needed to match.In some cultures, exposure is not allowed, so when you see the exposed sexy underwear, it is likely to cause discomfort.

Sexy underwear must be compatible with the occasion

When men look at sex underwear, they must also consider whether it is suitable for occasions.If you are in love or lover, you can have a certain display space for sex underwear.But in public, this requires cautious choices, not too exposed and arrogant.

Style and characteristics

Interest underwear is not simply a clothing, it has its own style and characteristics.Men look at sexy underwear, and often pay more attention to the style and characteristics of sexy underwear. For example, such as glue border, such as glue, such as 8mm ideal and cultural ingredients, this can make sexy underwear more unique and distinctive.View.

Price factor

When men look at sexy underwear, they will also consider price factors.Many erotic underwear is expensive. In addition to wearing it, it is often used as viewing and collectibles.For men who pursue ingenuity and design, these sexy underwear is definitely not more.

in conclusion

From a man’s point of view, sexy underwear makes them full of curiosity, visual impact, and can also irritate sexual desire.Of course, for men, they also need to look at sexy underwear rationally, not too addicted.Wearing sex underwear also needs to consider various factors such as occasions, styles, and prices. Only in the case of proper choice can we better show women’s beauty and sexy.

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