WeChat selling sexy underwear is complained

Improper behavior of WeChat selling sexy underwear triggers complaints

Recently, some netizens broke the news on social media that a WeChat public account was suspected of selling unsatisfactory sexy underwear products.The complainant pointed out that the public account posted improper pictures and videos in private, which aroused widespread concern and dissatisfaction in society.

WeChat public account is easy to become sexy underwear distributors

With the rapid development of the Internet, the WeChat public account has become an important distribution center for sexy underwear dealers.However, because sexy underwear is a special product, it is necessary to follow specific industry specifications in terms of sales and publicity, otherwise it will cause dissatisfaction and complaints from society and industry.

The fun underwear industry specification needs to be strengthened

At present, although the sex underwear industry has clear standards and specifications, due to the lack of market supervision, many companies and dealers are prone to ignore relevant regulations and adopt some improper means to sell and publicize, which has caused social dislike and dissatisfaction.Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the awareness of industry norms so that sexy underwear can better meet the needs of markets and consumers.

Interesting lingerie styles need to meet industry specifications

The style of sexy underwear can be sold and promoted only under the premise that the industry norms are met.The provisions of the followers include: the style of sexy lingerie should be based on protecting the privacy of consumers, and the internal institutions and hip parts should not be opened; the style should be reasonable, consistent with human engineering, and should not adopt too strange or unrealistic shapes.

Sex underwear materials need to meet human security standards

In addition to styles, the material of sex underwear is also a specification that must be followed.Sexual underwear needs to choose reasonable materials from consumer health and safety considerations.Generally speaking, sexy underwear should be selected for environmental protection, which will not have a negative impact on human health.

Sexy underwear promotion needs to pay attention to language environmental protection

In addition to the appearance and materials, the promotion of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention.Interest underwear cannot be promoted by bad content such as vulgar, violence, discrimination, and personal attacks.At the same time, in the language of propaganda, we should also pay attention to environmental protection and civilization, and shall not build false propaganda.

Sexy underwear sales need to protect user privacy

When selling sexy underwear, you need to protect consumers’ privacy.Interest underwear sellers should promise that users will not leak privacy, and shall not sell or transfer user data to third parties.In addition, sellers also need to protect consumers’ after -sales rights and provide historical sales records.

Consumers should enhance the relevant knowledge of sexy underwear

For better avoiding erotic lingerie complaints, as consumers, it can also enhance their professional knowledge and information recognition ability.Understand the relevant provisions and processes of the style, materials, sales of love underwear, enhance the identification and understanding of improper behaviors, and avoid their own interests.

in conclusion

In short, sexy underwear is a special product. Both sellers and consumers need to comply with relevant regulations and standards.Only on the basis of establishing a sound industry specification and standards, sexy lingerie can better meet the needs of markets and consumers, protect consumer rights and interests, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

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