Wearing Zhuzhu sexy underwear grinding

1. Basic style of beads sex underwear

The beads sexy underwear is a more special underwear, which is covered with shiny pearls.There are usually two types of bras and pantyhose. Their colors and styles are very diverse, suitable for different private occasions.Beads and beads have a strong visual impact, which can make your goddess shine and improve sexy.

2. Suitable for wearing Zhuzhu sexy underwear

Pearl sex underwear is mainly suitable for wearing in private occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, nightclub party, wedding party party, primitive theme party, etc.In short, as long as the atmosphere of the occasion is more enthusiastic, bold and crazy, wearing Zhuzhu sex underwear will be a very special and eye -catching thing.

3. The fabric material of the beads sex underwear

The material of the beads sexy underwear is usually very soft and comfortable, so it will not bring discomfort when wearing.Common beads are two types of sticky beads and hand -sewing beads. The vulnerableness of sticky beads is slightly higher.The number of pearls and the different density will also affect the material and softness of the beads sex underwear.

4. The choice of matching of beads sex underwear

Regarding matching, it is recommended to choose short skirts, hot pants, denim shorts, etc.Of course, you also need to choose according to your upper body condition.If the upper body is thin, it is recommended to wear shorts or sling types, and then wear short skirts or pantyhose; if the proportion of upper body and lower body is close, it is recommended to be equipped with conventional or flat -mouth pearl bras and jealms.

5. The color choice of the beads sex underwear

For the color selection of Zhuzhu sexy underwear, it is usually the mainstream color system with black, white, red, pink, gold, and silver.Of course, with the continuous improvement of people’s demand for sexy underwear, various colors have appeared, such as purple, blue, green, etc., showing that personality is also a good choice.

6. How to match the beads and sexy underwear to the most eye -catching

When you put on the beads and beads, you must match it well when you are ready to go out.Zhuzhu sexy underwear needs to be properly matched with other clothing to show its visual impact.You can choose accessories such as high heels, earrings, bracelets to enhance the overall temperament and sexy.

7. The details behind the beads sex underwear

In order to cover the whole body, the whole body can only be sewn through the whole body.If you buy Zhuzhu’s sex underwear, it is found that there is a drop of Zhuzhu, most of which are because the hand -sewing is not dense enough. It is recommended to choose high quality and make fine products.

8. Details of the maintenance of beads sex underwear

Beads and beads are very careful when maintenance. It is recommended to wash and hang it with hand to avoid direct exposure.It is best to add plastic bags in the pearl part to avoid damage to other clothes.It should be noted that the pressure and friction of Zhuzhu may cause beads.

9. Recommended brand of beads sex underwear

There are many brands in the market of Zhuzhu’s sex underwear, some brand quality, and some of them are uneven.According to professionals, the popular brands are: Queenieke, Anlove, YRUTN, Yandy, Leg Avenue, etc.These brands of products are diverse, the quality is relatively high, and the price is not too expensive.

10. End view publicity

In short, Zhuzhu sexy underwear is a special underwear that can enhance feminine charm, which is an important part of sexy underwear.Whether wearing in private occasions or daily matching, wearing pearl sex underwear will be a very enjoyable and confident experience.

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