Wearing a sexy underwear and a man’s dance

Wearing a sexy underwear and a man’s dance

When we talk about wearing sexy underwear, we often think this is a surprise for men.However, you know that women wearing sexy underwear can do a lot of things and bring fun and happiness to herself and her partner.In this article, we will find how to use your erotic underwear and dance to dial the heartstrings of men.

Choose suitable clothes-sexy underwear

Before you start dancing, you need to choose the right sexy underwear.Although most sexy underwear can make you look sexy and attractive, there are indeed some underwear designs more suitable for dance performances.For example, the style of lace and yarn can often add a soft streaming sense to the dancers, and it does not stop you from showing the advantages of the soft lines of the body.

Choose music

Choosing an appropriate music is a key task that can help dancers get rid of the cynical living environment, break through psychological defense, and enter the role and performance.The choice of music usually has a lot to do with the design of sexy underwear.Dark -colored underwear is usually suitable for tension music, while light sexy underwear is suitable for soft music.

Design movement

You need to have attractive movements to dial the emotions of men.You can choose soft, smooth and beautiful movements, or try more naughty, sexy and teasing movements.You can find inspiration from fashion magazines, movies or other art forms, and create dance moves that suits you.

Add emotions

Don’t forget to express emotions in dance.It is not only your body that attracts men, but also your expression and personality.Create an impulsive feeling.Then integrate your personal style into those movements and expressions, making your dance more moving.

eye contact

When performing, the way of focusing on eye communication can help you better convey the information you want.You can observe the audience with your eyes, make your expression more infectious, create visual associations, so as to better arouse the interest of the audience.Of course, in this process, you can also look at your partner in a timely manner to shorten each other’s distance and enhance the interaction of dance.


For a successful dance performance, the setting of lighting is also crucial.Appropriate lights can add emotional and atmosphere to dance and create a better participation experience.Sometimes, you can use bright colored lights or soft lights to highlight specific actions or parts, and then combined with excellent sexy underwear to draw the other person’s heart.

Master the rhythm and pace

Mastering the rhythm and pace of dance is important.Once you start dancing, you should pay attention to the coordination and cooperation with music, always maintain a certain speed and sense of rhythm, and better set out the wonderful atmosphere of dance and music interaction.Be wary of excessive greed, and don’t pursue gorgeous steps too much, which will likely bring some unpleasant consequences to your performance.


One of the best ways for men to make men are courageous to try new things.Imagination and creativity are a variety of dance styles and actions.Don’t stick to traditional dance movements, try to join your personal style, show your most authentic side, and more significantly increase the appeal of the audience.

in conclusion

In short, women wearing sexy underwear can play in front of everyone confidently and show their bodies and dance skills.With good dance movements, music and lighting settings, they can also stimulate the audience’s emotions and interests, and create an endless and wonderful atmosphere.Therefore, if you really want to attract men’s attention, try to wear a sexy lingerie to jump for a period of own dance!

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