Wear sex underwear with handcuff feet 衣

Wear sex underwear with handcuff feet 衣


Interest underwear is a underwear that can increase interest and sex, which is often used by couples to increase sexual interest and stimuli.However, when wearing a sexy underwear, sometimes I want to go further, such as making surprises more exciting.In this case, wearing a sexy underwear with handcuffs is a very good choice, which not only increases interest, but also enhances slavery and control, making the entire experience more exciting.Here are some precautions and steps for wearing fun underwear with handcuffs and feet.

Buy suitable sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you first need to confirm whether it is suitable for body and your own style.Personal preferences advocate details, so you need to choose between various styles.It can be charming, seductive or spectacular.If you are not sure what style is suitable for you, you can browse the current popular sexy underwear online, understand the style and characteristics, so as to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

Choose handcuffs and feet

When you choose a sexy underwear, you need to choose the right handcuffs and foot.Generally speaking, you can choose soft silk handcuffs or leather handcuffs with feathers or clock decorations. The former looks cute, while the latter is more mature and majestic.For the feet, some mesh -shaped small chains or tulle supporting styles can enhance sexual interest.

How to wear sexy underwear and handcuffs 镣 镣

To put on sexy underwear and handcuffs, you need to put on underwear first, and then wear it according to the size of the handcuffs and foot.While wearing a sexy underwear, you can help your partner to help you tighten handcuffs and footsteps.This can not only increase the real sense of kidnapping, but also enhance the feeling of interest.

Adjust the mood and atmosphere

Before wearing sexy underwear and handcuffs, you need to make some preparations, such as properly adjusting your mood and atmosphere, relaxing your body and mind, to enhance your feelings and pleasure.You can first play some sexual partners games, such as playing characters and teasing each other, making the atmosphere more enthusiastic and stimulating interest.

Control the time and strength of the use of handcuffs and foot

Pay attention to the control of time and intensity when using handcuffs and feet.While pursuing sexual stimuli, pay attention to self -protection and respect for partners.If you play this game for the first time with your partner, you can choose to use lighter strength and short time, and gradually increase your strength and time in the practice process.

stay safe

When wearing sexy underwear and handcuffs, you need to pay attention to safety issues.If the body reacts with discomfort or breathing difficulties, the buckle should be lifted immediately to allow the body to fully rest and breathe.Avoid using sharp objects to stimulate the body in the game, and avoid excessive pulling handcuffs and foot crickets.

Communicate and communicate

You need to communicate and communicate when you play a fun game to ensure that you and your partner are comfortable and satisfactory.Before the game, it is recommended to do some preparations to understand each other’s needs and psychology.During the game, communication and adjustment should be made on the basis of communication.

How to get rid of handcuffs and feet

After playing with fun games, sometimes you need to get rid of handcuffs and foot.You should first adjust your position to make your body in a comfortable state, and then leave the handcuffs or aes in the opposite direction, adjust the buckle size, and push the buckle to get rid of it.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy underwear with handcuffs is a stimulus and interesting sex game, which can enhance interest and stimuli.Before the game, you need to choose a sexy underwear and handcuffs, control the use time and strength, maintain safety, and communicate and communicate.However, you need to pay attention to self -protection and respect for your partner when using handcuffs and feet, so as not to cause physical damage or emotional damage.

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