Wear sex underwear and open the door with courier tension

Wear sex underwear and open the door with courier tension

With the fast -paced and efficient rate of modern life, more and more women have begun to pursue more fashionable and sexy wearing, and sexy underwear has emerged.As long as we wear a sexy sexy underwear, women can quickly turn themselves into the incarnation of temptation and make men intoxicating.But in fact, sexy underwear is not only to meet sexual needs and heating up, but there are also some secrets that let us unveil its veil together.

The choice of underwear is very important

When you opened the door and saw the takeaway brother staring straight at your body, did the girl feel very complicated?If you are the queen of confident underwear, then this mood will not be uncomfortable.However, if your underwear is not very suitable, then you may be worried because of this embarrassing experience.

Personal clothes are very important

As a close -fitting clothing, the best choice is to customize or use first -hand channels to buy directly.Because this can get the best comfort and protection.At the same time, for those who are particularly sensitive, you must choose the right size to ensure that the underwear will not be too tight or loose, causing stimulation and discomfort to the skin.

Pay attention to both styles and colors

The styles and colors of sexy underwear are strange, and women should also pay great attention when choosing.The sexy -themed erotic underwear is mostly black or red. This color can not only set off women’s charm, but also increase temperament and charm.However, sexy underwear of blue, pink or other colors is also a good choice.

Material is guarantee

Different materials have different effects on the presentation of underwear, so it is necessary to understand the material.Generally, there are more sexy lingerie materials, and commonly used are lace, silk, silk, and mesh.Silk’s sexy underwear is very comfortable, and it will not cause damage to the chest like other materials; the soft and smooth fabric’s fabric can make women’s skin care.

Sexy underwear care

Interesting underwear care is also a problem. Different fabrics need different ways to take care of. Improper treatment will cause underwear to be damaged or uncomfortable next time.When washing underwear, you can use a special underwear cleaning solution and clean it at a very low temperature. This will make the underwear be glorious and the time of use will be longer.

The effect of sexy underwear after wearing

Every woman wants to show her body better after wearing sexy underwear, but different figures are suitable for different sexy underwear.Women with plump figures are suitable for sexy underwear in chest support, which can enhance women’s self -confidence; women who are not well -proportioned can choose to pull up or bring their own inner underwear to make up for the defects of the figure.

How to improve sexuality

In addition to the choice of sexy underwear, how to make yourself more sexy is also a skill.In fact, the usual living habits and precautions will also affect their sexyness, such as temperament makeup, foot massage, fitness and shaping, etc., can effectively enhance sexuality.

Fashionable development of sexy underwear

The fashion development of sexy underwear is very fast. Only when it is close to fashion trends can we adapt to women’s requirements for wearing.In recent years, more and more niche sexy lingerie styles have also become popular in the market. These styles can only be regarded as private items in the traditional sense, but now they are already considered exaggerated or attractive in the fashion circle.

In my opinion, wearing erotic underwear is not exactly to satisfy the eyes of men, but a way of self -display and giving play to female charm.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can not only enhance self -confidence and beauty, but also a kind of care and protection of your body.

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