Wear a messy sheet in the coat

Introduction: What is a messy underwear in the coat?

Interest underwear is a underwear that can enhance sexy and improve sexual experience.Wearing a sexy underwear can make you feel confident and sexy, and you can also dump your partner, to achieve good sexual fun and sexuality.However, in daily life, in order to ensure warmth, many people choose to wear sexy underwear in the coat.So what is the advantage of wearing fun underwear in a coat?

Advantages: What are the benefits of wearing sexy underwear in a coat?

1. Double sexy: Putting sexy and special sexy underwear on the dull and conservative occasions such as coats can quickly improve self -confidence and sexy.

2. Convenient and practical: Sex underwear often uses some soft and fragile fabrics or decorations, while coats provide a better protective layer for it to use it conveniently and practically in various occasions.

3. Weaken scale: Sometimes, you may wear such a fun underwear to show coolly, which may look a bit sensitive before the large court, and the coat with strong cover can weaken this scale well.

Disadvantages: What are the problems with sexy underwear in the coat?

1. Breathing problem: Some sexy underwear usually choose to fit the body design, but when wearing it in the coat, it will weaken comfort due to poor breathability, especially during intense exercise.

2. Dimensions: The design of some sexy underwear requires the body to rebound, but the coat may reduce the elasticity of the sexy underwear, which may cause the effect of the underwear design to make a mistake.

3. Experience problems: Some sexy underwear needs to fit the skin to achieve the effect, but the quality and thickness of the fabric of the coat often affect the touch effect.

How do I choose to wear fun underwear in a coat?

1. Select thin underwear: Compared with traditional sexy underwear, choosing thin underwear will not use the thickness of the coat too much under the premise of keeping warm.

2. Select a more loose coat: When selecting a coat, choose a more loose style to allow more space for sex underwear to breathe and move.

3. Select more breathable functional materials: try to choose materials with moisturizing effects as much as possible, such as wool, silk, cotton, etc. to ensure the comfort of clothing.

What kind of sexy underwear is suitable for wearing in a coat?

1. Silk erotic underwear: Silk is very comfortable in terms of feel and texture, and soft and feet. It is a good choice.

2. Underwear with smooth breathability: Putting and breathable underwear in the coat can ensure that there will be no problems such as heat failure under the premise of keeping warm.

3. Sexy underwear with warm -keeping function: Wear the warm -pointed underwear in the coat to ensure that it can still be covered under the cold conditions outside and it looks particularly appropriate.

Postscript: Why do you wear a messy underwear in the coat?

In summary, wearing fun underwear in the coat is both good and insufficient.When choosing a sexy underwear, consider using a thin, breathable, warm -keeping function of sexy underwear.The choice of coats should be based on the principle of lightness and breathability, and make the wearer have a good dressing experience.At this point, we will understand why we need to wear sexy underwear in a coat.

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