Wear 3 -point sexy underwear boyfriend lick

Learn 3 points of sexy underwear

The 3 -point erotic underwear is a very sexy underwear style. It consists of upper bra and lower trousers, exposing the inner concave part of the chest and thighs, making women more sexy and charming.Wearing a 3 -point sexy underwear boyfriend licking may bring physical and mental enjoyment, but different styles are suitable for different figures and occasions.Here are some suggestions about wearing a 3 -point sexy underwear boyfriend licking:

Choose the right 3 -point sexy underwear

When choosing a 3 -point sexy underwear, consider your body and occasion.If it is an intimate moment, you can choose a more exposed style, such as a 3 -point erotic underwear with a split or transparent material.If it is daily, it is recommended to choose a more conservative style, such as a 3 -point erotic underwear with strong coverage.In addition, pay attention to buying 3 -point erotic underwear with good quality and comfortable fabric. Do not reduce quality standards to pursue low prices.

Pay attention to your body

Before wearing a 3 -point erotic underwear boyfriend, choose the most suitable style according to your body.If you are a small breast, you can choose a 3 -point sexy underwear with a reinforcement effect to shape a more perfect figure.If a woman with full hips, it is recommended to choose pants with large coverage area and thick material to avoid local protruding.In short, choose a 3 -point sex lingerie that is suitable for your body and show your advantages.

Correct way of wear

Before wearing a 3 -point sexy underwear boyfriend, pay attention to the use of the correct way of dressing to show the most beautiful figure.First of all, adjust the position of the cleavage according to the facial features of the top and your body.Then, put the lower trousers in the hip position. If it is a high waist style, you can wear it to the navel position, making the waist curve more beautiful.Finally, adjust the length and position of the triangle trousers, so that the exposed meat lines exposed on the chest and thighs are more beautiful.

With the right shoes

When wearing a 3 -point sexy underwear boyfriend, it is also important to choose the right shoes.If you wear at home, you can choose high -heeled slippers or high -heeled boots to highlight your height advantages.If you are going out, you can choose low heels or flat shoes to show your charm in a more comfortable way.

Clever makeup skills

Before wearing a 3 -point sexy underwear boyfriend, you can use makeup skills to add your charm.You can choose to highlight your lips, eyes and other facial features to make yourself more beautiful.In addition, you can also choose cosmetics such as lipsticks and eye shadows that match the color of the underwear to create a more harmonious visual effect.

Self -confident figure wears a sexy temperament

When wearing a 3 -point sexy underwear boyfriend, the most important thing is to show his confident figure and sexy temperament.Regardless of your body, you can use your own personality and charm to cover up some shortcomings, exuding female charm that cannot be ignored.

Final suggestion

Wearing a 3 -point sexy underwear boyfriend needs to consider many aspects, including styles suitable for figure, correct way of dressing, matching suitable shoes, and so on.The most important point is self -confidence. Only on the basis of self -confidence can we show the most beautiful figure and the most charming sexy temperament.

The point of view of bold attempts

Try to wear a 3 -point sexy underwear boyfriend licking may make people feel uncomfortable or shy, but if you try bravely, you may bring unexpected fun and enjoyment.As long as you choose the right style, the correct way of dressing and matching, I believe you can also become a charming sexy goddess.

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