Wash the sex underwear and hang on the balcony

Interest underwear is a special clothing that requires special care.What should I do after washing?In this article, we will introduce you to how to deal with sexy lingerie after washing.

Dry & dry & dry

After washing the erotic underwear, the first step was to dry the water.Then, dry the underwear on the balcony or an interior drying rack.Please note that underwear should not be directly exposed to the sun, because it will fade or decompose some colors.The cool and ventilated place is the best choice.

Regularly flip

When the underwear is drying, it is best to turn it regularly.This can make each part of the underwear be fully dry.In addition, you can prevent the deformation of underwear and maintain a three -dimensional sense.

Avoid drying

Interest underwear should not be used to use a dryer.High temperature and high -speed rotation will be damaged to underwear materials.So it is best to use natural drying to deal with underwear.

Avoid exposure

Interest underwear should not be exposed directly in the sun.Especially the lighter underwear is easy to fade by the sunlight ultraviolet rays, loses beauty, and the material will be damaged.

Avoid contact with other clothes

When drying sexy underwear, you need to dry alone and avoid crossing with other clothes.This is conducive to preventing cross infection and wear in color, fiber material.

Choose the appropriate cleaning agent

For the cleaning of sexy underwear, be sure to use a special underwear cleaning agent.Washing with a special cleaning agent can avoid the residue of detergent, and it feels softer after washing.

Avoid dewater

Underwear should not use dehydrator.Especially some underwear materials such as lace, breathable linen.There is a risk of mechanical destruction.Therefore, it is best to use manual barrels to wash and knead manually to handle underwear.

Avoid bleaching

Welling underwear should not use bleach.The chlorine in the bleach is very corrosive, which will not only cause damage to the underwear, but also harm the body.

In short, sexy underwear, as a special clothing, requires special care.In the processing after washing, remember not to use the dryer and bleach. It is necessary to regularly flip and dry alone.Keep the color and fiber material of the underwear and increase the life of the underwear.

In the end, only by mastering the correct way to clean underwear, can you feel relaxed and confident in wearing it.

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