Want to give sexy underwear zippers

It is feasible to consider sexy underwear from a beautiful perspective

For the design of sexy underwear, in addition to sexy and comfortable factors, it is necessary to consider beauty.With the zipper’s sexy underwear, it can not only play a decorative role, but also increase the fun when wearing.

By adjusting the zipper position, you can achieve different effects

The zipper does not necessarily only be added in a certain place in the underwear. It can also achieve different effects by adjusting the position and length.For example, adding a zipper on the chest can create a sexy tight effect; adding a zipper at the hem can increase the flexibility of adjusting the length.

Choosing a zipper with different materials can also bring different effects

In addition to the functionality, there are different materials to choose from, such as the zipper of the metal texture, the zipper of the silk fabric.Different materials can also bring completely different styles to sexy underwear.

It is necessary to consider the effect of zipper on comfort for comfort

When adding zipper in sex underwear, the effect of zipper on comfort should be considered.If the position of the zipper is improper or the material is excellent, it will stimulate the skin of the wearer.Therefore, it is very important to choose a soft and safe zipper.

Design needs should be combined with practicality

When designing sexy underwear, in addition to considering aesthetics and comfort, the use effect should also be considered.When adding a zipper, you need to consider factors such as posture and scope of activity to ensure the comfort during wear.

The length and location of the zipper need to be adjusted according to the figure

The length and position of the zipper also need to be adjusted for people of different figures.For people with large chests, the zipper position is best at the hem, so as to avoid squeezing through the zipper of the chest; for the thin people, the higher zipper position can increase the visual fullness.

Proper use of zipper can make the finishing touch effect

When designing sexy underwear, proper use of zipper can achieve the finishing touch, making the entire underwear more special.For example, adding a small zip zipper at the neckline and cuffs can make ordinary underwear different.

Match with other design elements, the zipper effect is better

The zipper is not the only element in the design of underwear. It is used with other factors to make the zipper better.For example, adding a zipper underwear to the chest also needs to consider the matching of design elements, such as lace and lace.

Conclusion: It is feasible to add a zipper to sexy underwear

It is feasible to add a zipper appropriately in sexy underwear design.However, it is necessary to adjust the position and length of the zipper according to the body of the wearer and the length of the zipper, and consider the effect of zipper on comfort.Comprehensive consideration, the use of zipper is a design method that can make the finishing touch.

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