Walk on the street wearing sexy underwear

Walk on the street wearing sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy clothing that is suitable for many occasions.Some women want to wear sexy underwear on the street and show their sexy in the crowd.If you also have this idea, let’s introduce some matters about wearing sexy underwear on the street.

Choose the right occasion

Wearing sexy underwear on the street, be sure to choose the right occasion.There are usually some romantic or sexy parties, nightclubs, etc. that are suitable for this kind of wear.On the streets, this sexy dress may make people feel too exposed.

With the right clothing

Although wearing erotic underwear wants to express sexy, it cannot ignore the matching clothing.Compared to the exposed body, the clothing covering some private parts can make people feel more gorgeous and not too exposed.When pairing with clothing, it is best to choose some sexy underwear with good quality and dress up the beautiful curve of women by dressing.

The body maintenance that should be paid attention to

Wearing sexy underwear on the street will receive more attention and attention, so physical maintenance is very important.The first thing to pay attention to is the cleansing of the body, so as not to cause bad odors such as sweating.At the same time, you should choose some condoms for protection.In addition, if you use a moisturizing agent, you must choose a high -quality moisturizing agent with proof.

Sexy exposure self -confidence

Walking on the street wearing a sexy underwear, not only the sexy of clothing, but also inner self -confidence.Sexy sexy underwear will inevitably attract many people’s attention.But you don’t have to be troubled by this, try to maintain comfort and confidence as much as possible to truly show sexy expressed in the thoughts of wearing erotic underwear.

Don’t be overly publicized

Showing your sexy does not necessarily have to be visual impact.Wear sexy underwear on the street, do not excessive publicity, so as not to cause unnecessary look embarrassing.Choose some natural and peaceful gestures, try to create a good atmosphere, and better reflect the charm of women.

Pay attention to safety issues

Walking on the streets wearing sexy underwear can easily cause unnecessary admiration.Pay attention to safety issues.First of all, don’t be alone, it is recommended to travel with your partner or a few friends.Secondly, wearing comfortable wearing to avoid uncomfortable on the street.Finally, do not install valuables to avoid accidents such as robbery.

attitude decides everything

Wearing sexy underwear on the street, the most important thing is attitude.Don’t feel nervous or embarrassed because of strange eyes.Show a pleasure and confidence to make yourself more beautiful.


Wearing sexy underwear on the street, not only external sexy, but also inner self -confidence.It is hoped that all women can show their elegance without losing sexy side through fashion.

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