Video of sexy underwear model

Video of sexy underwear model

Recently, a video called "The Injusity of Love Lingerie Models" has caused widespread discussion and condemnation on the Internet.In this video, a sexy underwear model was sexually assaulted by the photographer when trying it on.

Incident review

According to reports, this video was filmed at the shooting scene of a sexy underwear company.In the video, the photographer seems to be inappropriate sexual behavior on the model while others are not paying attention.Afterwards, this video was put on the Internet, causing strong protests and condemnation of the public.


First of all, the shooting of this video itself involves infringement.The erotic underwear company did not sign the model in advance, so she shot her video while trying it on.This has violated the model’s right to know and privacy.

Sexual assault plot

Secondly, sexual assault in the video is more serious.The photographer used his position and power to sexually assaulted the model during the trial process.This behavior not only violates the professional ethics of the photographer, but also involves the problem of criminal crimes.

Industry supervision policy

In addition, the regulatory policy of the sexy underwear industry has also been questioned.Some people believe that the lack of effective supervision and management in the industry has led to the occurrence of such infringement and sexual assault.

Model protection measure

For this situation, we need to better protect the model’s rights.Enterprises need to strengthen the protection of models. After obtaining their consent, they will shoot related videos.The government also needs to formulate stricter management regulations to effectively supervise and manage the industry.

Strengthen moral education

In addition, we need to strengthen moral education.Education in vocational ethics and personal character so that people can abide by basic ethics and moral standards.In this way, this infringement and sexual assault can be effectively avoided.

Public opinion supervision

Finally, we also need the supervision of public opinion.Only when everyone posted their own voice can we attract more people’s attention and promote the solution of the problem.

in conclusion

In order to protect the model’s rights, we need to strengthen the supervision and management of the sexy underwear industry and strengthen moral education. At the same time, the supervision of social opinion is also needed.Only in this way can we avoid this infringement and sexual assault.

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