Use cloth strips to make pictures of sexy underwear


Sexy underwear is part of modern women’s fashion.Their unique design and styles have attracted many women.In addition, more and more women have begun to make sexy underwear by themselves.In this article, we will introduce the methods and techniques of making sexy underwear with cloth strips to provide some inspiration for women.

Step 1: Preparation work

First, you need to prepare some cloth strips.You can choose color and length according to your personal preference.You also need some scissors and needle lines.In order to make sexy underwear, you need to choose a transparent fabric to make the underwear more sexy.

Step 2: Make corset

Wrap the two cloth strips on the body to form an X -shaped.Then tighten them on your back.Next, fix the other two cloths under each breast to make it look like a real bra.In the last step, the other two cloth strips are tied to your back, so that it can pass through your breasts to form a triangle.In this way, you can make a unique corset.

Step 3: Make panties

To make sexy underwear, you need two cloth strips.Turn these cloth strips around your waist and hips.Make sure they fit your body.Tighten the thin band and fix it on your waist and hips.

Step 4: Production Lian -style sexy underwear

In order to make even physical underwear, you need some additional cloth strips.Tie the two cloth strips to your waist and hips to form an X -shaped.Then fix the other two cloth strips on your shoulder.In the last step, two cloth strips are fixed between your waist and shoulders to form a more sexy lingerie.

Step 5: Make stockings

To make a sexy lingerie suit, you also need some stockings.In order to make stockings, you only need to use cloth strips to grow square, and then close it on your legs until you reach your ideal length and width.Finally, fix the cloth strip on your thigh.

Step 6: Add details sublimation style

Use lace or embroidery to add some details to your sexy lingerie.This will make your sexy underwear look more delicate and beautiful.

Step 7: Personalized customization

To make your interesting underwear more unique, please add some personal identification to your underwear.You can add some buttons, ribbons or beads to underwear.In this way, you can make a sexy underwear that belongs to you.

Step 8: Summary

It is very easy to make sexy underwear with cloth strips, and you can make any style according to your own ideas.Therefore, whether you want to make an underwear for yourself or give it to your friends for your friends, this method of making is an excellent choice.

Opinions and suggestions

Interest underwear is part of modern women’s fashion, and they fill the vacancy of the market.It is a great way to make sexy underwear with cloth strips. You can make sure you make a lingerie that is perfect for you. Whether you want to become sexy or elegant and noble.However, if you are not sure of your ability, do not hesitate to absorb professional and trend opinions in order to ensure the best results.

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