Toilet sex underwear picture video

What is a toilet sex underwear?

Toilet sex lingerie is a sexual emotional erotic lingerie style with creative and humorous elements.Its design is inspired by the toilet toilet in daily life.The toilet sex lingerie is usually composed of conjoined underwear and toilet cushion.The toilet cushion is made of plastic, which simulates the shape of the real toilet, which makes people feel not only sexy but also a playful and cute feeling.

The style and style of the toilet sex underwear

There are many styles and styles of toilet lingerie.Some are designed with suspenders and can be worn with shredded pork or skirts.Some are the conjoined toilet sexy underwear that is directly covered on the body. This style is relatively fresh and cute.There are also some funny and humorous styles, such as a "POOP" on the toilet.In short, the style and style of the toilet sex underwear are very diverse, and you can choose the style that suits you according to your personal preference.

The material and quality of the toilet sex underwear

Most of the toilet sex underwear uses polyester fiber, nylon, aminoly and other materials. These materials are very soft and comfortable, fit the body without having too much friction and discomfort.In addition, the toilet cushion parts usually use environmentally friendly materials, safety and health, and will not cause harm to the human body.If you choose a formal professional sexy underwear store to buy toilet sex underwear, the quality and processing details are very guaranteed.

Who is suitable for wearing toilet sex underwear?

The toilet sex underwear is not suitable for every woman.First of all, the design style of this sexy underwear is very unique. If you are a more restrained and conservative woman, it may not be appropriate.Secondly, if your body is too obese or too slim, the toilet sex underwear is not very suitable.Because the design of this sexy underwear focuses on highlighting the body curve and sexy beauty, if your body conditions are not good enough, you may weaken this effect.

How to match toilet sexy underwear

The toilet sex lingerie is not difficult to match, just choose the right underwear or shredded pork.If you like more sexy feelings, you can choose black dark V underwear with black stockings.If you want to create a cute effect, you can also choose a brighter color, such as red or fluorescent green.

Toilet sex underwear sex occasion

In what occasion is suitable for toilet sex underwear?First of all, if you have some fun jokes with your other half, then the toilet sex underwear can be worn as an interesting clothing.In addition, if you want to break the deadlock and add some lively elements when your lover dates, you can also choose to put on a toilet sex lingerie.However, it should be noted that in public, the toilet sex underwear can attract the attention of others, so you need to consider the occasion and time when you wear it.

The price of toilet sex underwear

The price of toilet sex underwear varies from the brand and material.The price of some high -end brand designers may have a higher price, and the price may be more than a few hundred yuan or even thousands of yuan.The price of some ordinary brands of toilet sex underwear is relatively close to the people, with an average price of about 100 yuan to 300 yuan.

Unique sexy experience

As a very unique and creative sexy clothing, toilet lingerie, wearing it will bring you a different sexy experience.The sexy of this sexy underwear lies not only in its design creativity, but also to shape the female body curve, making people feel sexy and beautiful.


The toilet sex lingerie is a very creative and humorous sexual erotic lingerie. The design is inspired by the toilet toilet in daily life, including various styles and styles.This erotic underwear is very suitable for those who want to try different feelings and laugh, but you need to consider the occasion and your body conditions when you are worn.In short, put on a toilet sex underwear and give yourself a different sexy experience.

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