There are several pictures of sexy underwear

There are several types of sexy underwear

Classified from two aspects: function and style. The sexy underwear can be roughly divided into the following types.

1. suspender vest sexy underwear

The suspender vest sexy underwear is generally made of soft fabrics such as lace, silk, etc. It is simple and comfortable to design, suitable for sex underwear enthusiasts who are initial.Common suspenders vest sexy lingerie styles include one -shoulder, V -neck, round neck, V -line chest, etc. The right slim cutting can highlight the figure curve and increase the feminine charm of the wearer.

2. Sexual clothes

Supreme clothing is a full -body sexy underwear. It is generally composed of bras, underwear, strap and other components. It is often used with soft and transparent fabrics. It is a weapon that reflects women’s soft figure and sexy curves.Common sex connective clothes are lace perspective models, mesh perspective models, hollow perspective models, etc., which are suitable for women with petite figure, smooth lines, and coordinated waist and hips.

3. Sexy underwear set

Underwear suits are a sexy, luxurious sexy underwear, which are often composed of multiple components, such as bra, bottom pants, suspenders, waist jewelry, gloves, etc. The design is gorgeous, smooth, and soft.Underwear suits can enhance women’s sexy charm and self -confidence, so that wearers fully show their feminine charm.

4. Demon

The devil is a mysterious, sexy, tension of sexy underwear. It is usually made of black and dark red materials. It is perfectly cut and follows the challenging route.It is a way of flirting, temptation, and attempt. It is extremely sexy and very shocking. It is suitable for women with good figure and self -confidence.

5. Broken shirt sexy underwear

Broken shirt -style sexy underwear is a simple, practical, and fully satisfying sexy underwear with all kinds of wear needs.It uses the fabric soft and smooth, and it is moderate. It can expose parts to other parts to increase sexy.Broken shirt -style sexy underwear is divided into sleeveless, short sleeves, long sleeves and other styles. It is suitable for various occasions. It is a versatile choice in the sex underwear industry.

6. The front opening underwear sexy underwear

The front -open panties -style sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that dedicated to enjoying lovers when emotional interchange.The front opening design makes the wearer more attractive and adds a pleasant experience.The front -opening underwear -type erotic underwear is divided into T -shaped, sweetheart type, V -shaped and other styles, which can be selected according to different needs.

7. Open crotch underwear -style sexy underwear

Open crotch -type sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that makes wearers more free and convenient in sex.The crotch design can play a good role in breaking the taboos and stimuli.The open crotch underwear -style sexy lingerie styles are many, including visual models, T -shaped, ring types, etc., which can choose the style that suits you best according to needs.

8. Belly Board of Sexy underwear

Belly -style sexy underwear is a more open and sexy style compared to other erotic underwear.It uses a variety of fabrics and colors, including diverse production materials such as silk, cotton, and gauze.Among them, the more common and being accepted by the market is leather, bright noodles, locks, etc., and the sexy style is fully expressed through minimalist lines.

9. Stockings -style erotic underwear

Stockings -style erotic underwear is a sexy, perspective, candy color sexy lingerie style, usually composed of lace, silk, gauze and other fabrics, which are very soft and comfortable.Stockings -style sexy underwear can not only enhance the sexy atmosphere of the wearer, but also highlight the leg curve and make the wearer look more charming and touching.

10. Converted sexy underwear

Converted sexy underwear is a clever design and powerful sexy underwear. Through the innovative design of the internal structure, it can realize the conversion from different styles to different styles, and meet the wearer’s wear needs between different occasions.At the same time, its disassembly combination function allows the wearer to have more choices, which to a certain extent increases the fun and sexy of the wearer.


The different styles and functions can be roughly divided into the above types according to different styles and functions, but it is not necessary to have all.Lovers can be clever and transformed according to their own style and need.For initial enthusiasts, you can start with a highly comfortable suspended vest underwear. With the growth of self -confidence and experience, it gradually changes to other types of sexy underwear, so that you can find yourself more suitable for you in the of.Everyone has the right to try different types of sexy underwear, find the one that suits them, and show the most beautiful self.

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