The sexy underwear bought online is very wrinkled

The sexy underwear bought online is very wrinkled


Interest underwear is used to increase sexual enjoyment and adjust the shape. These underwear forms are diverse, and they have a bold and many other styles from sex.However, when you buy sexy underwear through the online store, you may have encountered the situation, that is, the sexy underwear you received is very wrinkled, which may make you feel troublesome and embarrassed.This article will introduce how to avoid sexy underwear.

Know why they are wrinkled

First of all, let’s take a look at why sexy underwear is wrinkled.This is usually due to their materials and packaging methods.If sexy underwear is used to compress the packaging, they may be compressed, and then wrinkled into small pieces in transportation or storage procedures; materials may also cause wrinkles, such as lace and silk such as lace and silk used to create sexy underwear are more likely to wrinkle folding foldingEssenceIf you buy cheap sex underwear, their quality may also cause wrinkles.

How to avoid wrinkles

You can take the following measures to avoid buying sexy underwear wrinkles:

1. Wash first

First, you need to clean them before wearing or using sexy underwear, especially the newly purchased underwear.This can remove the odor and wrinkles during the packaging process.Generally, the label of sexy underwear contains the washing guide. You need to clean the underwear according to these guidelines to make it smoother.

2. Cushion

If you have a pad with a pad, you can use a cardboard or other hard cardboard materials to flatten it, and then keep flat in the entire storage process.This can avoid underwear compression and wrinkles.

3. Suspension storage

Sex underwear is very suitable for hanging storage items.You can use a hanger and hook to hang it on a wardrobe or hanger, which can avoid being folded and causing wrinkles.If you must storage of sexy underwear folding, you must fold it to the level of keeping flat.

How to smooth and sexy jelly

If the sexy underwear you have purchased is already wrinkled, please don’t worry, you can use the following methods to smooth the sexy underwear:

1. Iron

Put the sexy underwear on the hot plate, adjust the temperature to the appropriate temperature, and then iron it with an iron.This can remove wrinkles and make the underwear look smoother.However, be sure to pay attention to the temperature of ironing to avoid burning underwear.

2. Steam

You can also use steam to remove wrinkles on underwear.Hang the sexy underwear in the bathroom, then open the hot water faucet, and wait for a period of time to accumulate steam in the air.This will relieve wrinkles and smooth underwear, but be careful not to let the underwear too wet.

in conclusion

Wrinkles after buying sex underwear can be very embarrassing.However, following these steps, you can avoid sexy underwear wrinkles and ironing, making it look smoother and tight.Remember, buy well -quality sexy underwear, and properly store and deal with the problem of underwear wrinkles.

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