The details of the novel’s sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a sexy and changing underwear. It is not only to sell with its own body, but also to make itself more confident and charming.The sexy underwear in the novel is very delicate. The heroine wearing underwear can not only meet the needs of the reader visually, but also allow readers to feel the character’s character, temperament, and inner world.Let’s take a look at the details of the erotic underwear in the novel.


Stockings are an essential type of sexy underwear, and in the novel, stockings are also called "women’s own".The heroine looks more sexy and charming in black stockings, which can also highlight the noble temperament of the heroine.If the heroine is wearing white stockings, she will look very fresh. She is born with a kind of natural charming, which is even more beautiful to wear on her legs, especially in the tiller’s claws.

Erotic underwear

Interest panties are also a kind of sexy underwear that often appear in novels. It has a lot of styles, with lace lace, sexy briefs, cute little bear underwear, and so on.Different underwear can represent different moods and temperaments. For example, wearing black sexy underwear represents the heroine’s sexy enchanting, and the sexy underwear wearing lace lace represents the heroine’s noble and elegant.

Binding jacket

Bonding clothes are considered to be the most challenging sexy underwear, because it is not only a limitation of its own actions, but also an extreme emotional release.In the novel, the heroine looks more seductive in restraint clothes, and it also makes people see the desire and indulgence of the heroine hidden deep in her heart.

蕾 lace shirt

Fun lace shirt is a very popular sexy underwear. The texture and transparent effect of lace make the heroine more sexy.In the novel, the heroine wearing a fun lace shirt looks more transparent, and the sexy and charming is eye -catching.


Sexy underwear suits are also a kind of sexy underwear that often appears in novels. The suit is usually composed of a variety of high -quality materials. Many people choose to buy sex underwear suits to show their bodies as much as possible to make them more charming.The sexy underwear suit can also change the image of the heroine, making her look more mature and charming.


The bra is the most important type of sexy underwear. It not only provides a support for women’s breasts, but also makes the heroine look more sexy.In the novel, the heroine wearing a sexy bra can make the leading actor heart, and also reflects the heroine’s self -confidence and noble character.

Interesting dress

The sexy dress represents a modern sense of fashion, making the heroine look more confident and sexy.The style of the sex dress is mainly based on patterns and lace. The color represented by red has also become a sign of the sexy dress.In the novel, the heroine wearing a sexy dress can make the actor full of expectations, and also shows the personalized taste of the heroine.

Sexy shirt

Sexy shirt is a very common sexy lingerie, which shows people’s maturity and confidence of the heroine.In the novel, the heroine wearing a sexy shirt is not only to make the leading actor’s heart, but also to render the character, temperament and emotional world of the heroine.

Erotic accessory

Sex accessories are a very important link in sexy underwear. It can add more elements to the heroine’s sexy, such as high heels, necklaces, bracelets, etc.In the novel, the heroine’s sexy accessories can make the whole image refreshing, making people more fascinating.


Novels are a kind of imaginative text art. Interest underwear is also a very magical costume. Their combination allows readers to see a richer character image and emotion.Each kind of sexy underwear contains different connotations. If the details of the novels cannot be performed in place, it will affect the sensory enjoyment of the entire story.Interest underwear is not only a clothing, but also a display of temperament and personality. Only by truly understanding the emotions behind the underwear can really interpret the details of the sexy underwear in the novel to the vivid and fresh effect.

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