The boss calls to work in sexy underwear

The boss calls to work in sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a special underwear. It is well known for its design and style. It is usually used to enhance the fun and stimulus of sexual life.However, when the boss told you to wear a sexy underwear at work, this is a delicate topic.In this article, we will explore the situation where the boss calls to wear sex underwear.

Understand the type of love underwear

When you understand love underwear, you need to know which types of types are available for purchase.The most common sexy lingerie styles include beauty sexy underwear, sexy sexy lingerie, adult erotic lingerie, European and American sexy underwear.You need to figure out which sex underwear requests to wear to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

Understand the company’s regulations

You need to understand the company’s regulations before receiving the boss’s request to wear sexy underwear.Some companies are prohibited from wearing sexy underwear to work, because their too sexy and exposed features may interfere and stress other employees.If the company does not have relevant regulations, you can choose your own clothing style.

Consider the nature of work

You need to consider whether your job nature is suitable for wearing sexy underwear.If your job nature needs to face face -to -face with customers, wearing sexy underwear at this time may make customers feel embarrassing and uncomfortable, which will affect the progress of business negotiations.

Is clothing appropriate

All employees should be decent and meet the company’s dress requirements.After wearing a sexy underwear, you need to confirm whether wearing is in line with the requirements to ensure that it will not cause unnecessary trouble and trouble.

Pay attention to personal image

Wearing sexy underwear may cause other people’s imagination and even affect your professional image.You need to pay attention to your own image to ensure that wearing erotic underwear will not affect your views on you and maintain your professional image.

Consider the feelings of other employees

Working in sexy underwear may make other employees feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, especially when your image and clothing are inconsistent with the company’s culture.You need to consider the feelings of other employees, as well as whether wearing erotic underwear may have a negative impact on the contribution of the team and the company.

Communicate and seek feedback

After receiving the request of the boss, you should communicate with the boss and other employees to understand their opinions and opinions.Listen to their feedback and make corresponding decisions based on these feedback to ensure that there will be no problems and conflicts in work.

Maintain a professional attitude

When wearing sexy underwear to work, you need to maintain a professional attitude and temperament.Your behavior and deeds should be as always reflecting your professionalism and professional standards to avoid any unnecessary things and misunderstandings.


It may not be a commonly accepted thing to wear sex underwear. You need to consider not only your own ideas and opinions, but also the feelings and views of others.Finally, you should make a decision on the basis of maintaining the professional image and improving the work level to ensure that your work is successfully carried out.


The boss calls to wear sexy underwear to be cautious.Before making a decision, you need to understand the company’s regulations, the nature of the work, the feelings and communication feedback of other employees, and finally decide whether to work in a sexy underwear to ensure the smooth progress of the work and the harmonious development of the team.

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