Taobao shops can’t be released


Taobao shops cannot be released, which is a very serious problem for businesses operating sexy underwear stores.If the product cannot be released, it will directly affect the sales and income of the store.However, the requirements for business -operating sexy underwear stores on Taobao are more stringent. Sometimes the products promoted will be removed by the Taobao platform and will be punished and influenced.Therefore, merchants must conscientiously abide by Taobao regulations.

Cause Analysis

Interest underwear is a special product. If you encounter relevant sensitive words when you are published, it is easy to be reviewed and punished.When publishing sexy underwear, you need to pay special attention to some keywords, such as "sexy, dew, temptation, sex, swimwear" and so on.Merchants need to abide by the rules of Taobao platforms to avoid sensitive information as much as possible.In addition, sexy underwear also needs to be limited in terms of color and style.In short, merchants need to abide by the rules of Taobao platforms to ensure that the product can be released normally.


First of all, merchants should carefully read the requirements of the Taobao platform and related rules, and understand the scope and precautions that can be published in love underwear in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.Secondly, merchants can avoid the platform’s review by modifying the product title and keywords.

In addition, merchants can appropriately reduce the exposure and exposure of sexy underwear.For example, you can choose some neutral colors, or increase the number of layers for cover to cover up some sensitive information.

The most important thing is that businesses need to express their product selling points as much as possible to avoid using the templates and specifications of Taobao platforms to avoid review issues.

Case Studies

Some sexy underwear merchants use some words that have nothing to do with sexy underwear when they release products to avoid platform rules.For example, merchants can change "sexy shorts" to "versatile comfortable shorts" to avoid being reviewed or removed by the platform.Merchants can also make up for questioning and auditing through the addition of repeated emphasis on the use of the product in the product description part.


Interesting underwear stores need to follow the requirements of the Taobao platform, pay attention to sensitive information, and use their own language to express product selling points as much as possible to avoid using the templates and specifications of Taobao platforms.Merchants can also modify product title and keywords when publishing products, reduce the exposure and exposure of sexy underwear, and add more product characteristics and use scenarios to describe to avoid review issues.

Through the above methods, merchants can effectively avoid problems that cannot be released in sex underwear, and increase the sales and benefits of the store.Creating a good development environment is an important guarantee for the development and growth of sexy underwear brands.

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