Taobao sex underwear or shoes is easy to sell


As one of the largest domestic shopping platforms in China, Taobao has attracted a large number of merchants to settle in. Sellers can sell various products on Taobao, including sexy underwear and shoes.However, many sellers often face a problem: Taobao sex underwear or shoes sell well?This article will explore this issue.

Market size

According to Taobao data, sexy underwear and shoes are one of the two types of products with higher sales on Taobao.However, from the perspective of market size, the shoe market is larger than the sex underwear market.Therefore, shoes will have more advantages in sales.

difference in price

Compared with shoes, the price of sexy underwear will be higher.Because sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear, it needs to spend more costs on materials, design and production.Therefore, from the perspective of price differences, shoes are more easily accepted by people and more likely to promote sales.

Consumer groups

Shoes are a basic consumer goods that are suitable for people of different ages, gender, occupations and social classes.However, the consumer group of sexy underwear is relatively dedicated, mainly for people who like to play love games or need to improve emotion and quality of sex.Therefore, the sales object of sex underwear is smaller than shoes.


Shoes have many different characteristics, such as styles, color, materials, shapes, etc., and the characteristics of sexy underwear lies in the function of sexy, teasing and increasing mood.Therefore, through the clever use of product characteristics, it can attract consumers’ desire to buy.For example, using a variety of colors and beautiful appearances to create shoes with high eye -catching power; use different materials and designs to create sexy, sexual adventure or surprise sexy underwear.

Marketing strategy

Commodity marketing strategy is one of the important factors that contribute to sales.Shoes marketing strategies usually adopt large -scale publicity, advertising, activities and discounts to attract consumers to buy.And sexy underwear uses a small range, word of mouth, and other marketing methods and strategies to market. However, most of them work well on social networks, which is a very positive thing for sex underwear sales.

Consumption habits

People’s consumption habits also affect sales.Generally speaking, shoes are one of the items that people are daily, and sexy underwear is usually only used in specific circumstances.This means that people will be more frequent when buying shoes, while buying sexy underwear is scarce.

Replenishment cycle

In Taobao sales, the replenishment cycle is an important factor that sellers need to consider.If the replenishment cycle is too long, it will affect sales.Shoes are usually shorter than sex underwear, because people buy and update shoes more frequently, while sexy underwear is relatively slow, and the replenishment cycle is relatively long.

Logistics processing

For sellers, logistics treatment is also a big problem.Shoes are relatively large in color, so the cost of transportation and preservation is higher.Due to the small volume of sex underwear, the pick -up time is fast, and the seller can increase the shipping speed and reduce the transportation cost.

market competition

In terms of market competition, shoes and sexy underwear are different.The shoes market is fiercely competitive, and the price is more transparent than the sexy underwear. At the time of sales, sellers need to consider how to highlight themselves in the fierce market competition.The market competition in sex underwear is relatively small, and sellers can gain advantages through professional high -quality services and product quality.

in conclusion

Overall, shoes on Taobao are easier to sell than sex underwear.The shoe market is larger, the price is more reasonable, the consumer population is wider, the consumption habits are more frequent, the replenishment cycle is shorter, and the logistics processing is more convenient.However, in terms of market competition and product characteristics, sellers need to further optimize their sales strategies and services.

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