Taobao sex lingerie refund record


Taobao sex lingerie market is very prosperous, and buying sexy underwear has also become a way for many people.However, the refund is also a very difficult problem during the purchase process.This article will introduce me to the record of the refund of Taobao sex underwear and some experience summary during the refund process.

reason for return

In the process of buying sexy underwear, many people will have different problems, and the cause of refund varies from person to person.When I bought sexy underwear, most of the cases were caused by inappropriate sizes or inconsistent with pictures.

Apply for a refund process

It is very simple to apply for a refund on Taobao. You only need to click the "Application Refund" button on the order details page, and then follow the page prompts.When filling in the cause of the refund, the specific situation needs to be described so that the seller can be processed in the future.

Waiting for processing time

After receiving the refund application, the seller needs to verify and deal with it. This process takes a certain time.In my circumstances, it usually takes 1-3 working days, but there are longer waiting time.In the process of waiting, it is best to communicate with the seller in time in order to solve the problem as soon as possible.

The seller refuses to refund

In the refund application, sometimes the seller refuses to refund.This is often because the seller believes that the refund application has no reason or does not meet the refund conditions.In this case, you can appeal through Taobao customer service, or negotiate with the seller to reach an agreement again.

delivery problem

During the refund process, the problem of express delivery is also one aspect of attention.Make sure the parcel is complete when returning, and to understand the progress of the return in time.If problems such as damage, loss, or delay during the express delivery process need to communicate with the seller in time.

Evaluate seller

After the refund processing is completed, the seller also needs to be evaluated.In my circumstances, if the seller is handled well, I will give praise for other buyers’ reference.If the seller is not handled properly, I will also clearly point out the problem in the evaluation to warn other buyers.

Avoid refund

Although the refund has solved a certain problem, it will bring unnecessary trouble and loss to both buyers and sellers.Therefore, it is very important to reduce the occurrence of refund.First of all, carefully read the product details and size selection before buying to ensure that the products you choose meet your needs.Secondly, you can communicate with the seller before buying to understand the details of the product and price.This can try to avoid refund issues caused by not understanding the situation.

in conclusion

Although the refund is a legitimate right, it will bring unnecessary losses and troubles to both buyers and sellers.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you need to read the product details carefully and communicate with the seller to avoid unnecessary refund.

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