Taobao Frequently Ascended Underwear Models


In recent years, with the rapid development of the sexy underwear industry, a large number of sexy underwear models have also emerged on the major e -commerce platforms such as Jingdong and Taobao.EssenceNext, let’s take a look at some sexy underwear models often appearing on Taobao.

Fleshy model

Model model is a very common type of sexy underwear model on Taobao.Their devil -like curves make these underwear show better visual effects, as if wearing these underwear on such a figure, sexy, tempting, and charm.

Sexy beauty

Sexy beauty models generally have obvious characteristics. Their breasts are full, waist lines are thin, and their bodies are tall, showing a stronger side of women.These sexy underwear usually use thin and elastic materials, which can fully highlight the beautiful curve of sexy beauty models.The sexy sexy is also an important reason for attracting many male consumers.

Small freshness

The representative of the small fresh and sexy underwear model is the kind of light and vulgar little fairy.They look naive and cute, giving people a fresh feeling, so that underwear is no longer simply sexy synonymous, but has more comic girly style.


The goddess of temperament is a very popular sexy underwear model on Taobao. They generally have beautiful faces and charming temperament, which makes people fall into an unspeakable love.Putting these sexy underwear models showed a goddess in one second, it is the dream of many female consumers.

Charming stunner

Charming and stunning are a kind of charming and sexy Taobao sex underwear model. They are beautiful, have good faces, sexy and charming, and graceful temperament.It is admired by male consumers.It seems that the tight effects and curve design of their clothes are perfect and are the representatives of sexy style.

Rural girl

Compared with the previous models, the underwear of rural girl models is more subtle. It adheres to the natural, simple, simple, relaxed and natural atmosphere. There are not so many sexy curves and exciting local designs. Most of the solid underwear is the foundation.Style, more pursuit of inner charm.

Asian style

The representatives of Asian style and erotic underwear model generally come from Japan, South Korea or other East Asian regions. Their appearance standards include dolls’ personality, pointing directly to the inner temperament and natural and transparent nude powder muscles.Creative design concept.This type of underwear has the characteristics of Asian women and the romantic fantasy of the planet girl, which is increasingly loved by women in Asian countries.

Black silk uniform

Black silk uniform -type sexy underwear models are like girls or company staff at school. They wear sexy black uniforms and black stockings, exuding a fresh feeling.This fashion underwear implies those sexy and fascinating women with power, which makes many women consumers envy, inspiring their desire to attract people’s attention to themselves.

Fashion party

Fashion party is a very fashionable sexy underwear model on Taobao. Its style is diverse, including but not limited to European -style modern design, street fashion, white and fresh, etc. It is a design element full of exotic style, which makes people full of desire, but it is full of desire but it is full of desire.It still has the characteristics of simplicity and elegance.


On Taobao, a variety of sexy underwear models are very popular in their respective fields. Different people can choose a model that suits them.When choosing, we can buy according to the style of our favorite style, choose the style that suits us, and make the most appropriate choice according to our body conditions.

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