Taobao always recommends sexy underwear to me

Taobao always recommends sexy underwear?What is the reason?

When you open Taobao, you may be recommended by all kinds of erotic underwear.If you feel confused, don’t worry, this is not because of any maliciousness, which is for several important reasons.

Search for history and interest orientation

Taobao usually uses the user’s search history when recommending sexy underwear.For example, if you have searched for sex supplies before, this may cause Taobao to start showing you all kinds of sexy underwear and related products.

On the other hand, Taobao has always displayed related products with the so -called interest.If you buy some sexy underwear and browse some product pages close to sex underwear, then Taobao is likely to show you more sexy underwear.

Taobao recommendation algorithm

Taobao recommendation algorithm is one of the key factors of Taobao’s success.This algorithm considers the user’s historical orders, browsing history, collecting clips, and shopping carts, so as to recommend the most related products for users.

From this perspective, why does Taobao always recommend that sexy underwear is you purchased according to Taobao’s prompts, or some products in your collection clip and shopping carts are often sexy underwear.Taobao recommends the opportunity to these products.

Interacting with merchants on Taobao platform

A Taobao shop may interact with you through multiple methods to prevent you from forgetting them.If you used to buy sexy underwear at a shop’s Taobao shop, and the merchant often interacts with you on the Taobao platform, then you may often see the new product recommendation.This is also to facilitate that you can find these merchants more easily, choose their products, and buy them in the future.

It is related to other products recommended by Taobao

Taobao recommends that sexy underwear is also related to other users who view your page in the same period. They usually view a variety of different products and have a common search or history with you.If these users are browsing the sex underwear category, you will also see related product recommendations.

Differences in advertising and search results

There is a big difference between advertising and search results, which is related to Taobao’s recommendation algorithm.In some cases, Taobao can show certain products, but other merchants never have the opportunity to promote it.This is also to ensure that more appropriate products are displayed on the page in a faster way, and meet customer needs to the greatest extent.

Therefore, if Taobao always recommends sexy underwear to you, you can also find some ways to eliminate it.For example, you can: remove history, modify your interest label, and avoid buying sexy underwear.


Taobao always recommends that sexy underwear does not mean that you have any problems. This is just the natural result of Taobao’s sorting.If you don’t want to see these recommendations, you can take some methods to change your recommendation results and find other products you need in the future.

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